Transportation & Logistics

Deep expertise in transporting bulk commodities and finished products

Achieving operational efficiency and a competitive edge in today’s markets requires a partner who can truly understand your challenges and provide the right solutions that reach beyond shipping.

Throughout our history we have developed deep expertise in efficiently transporting bulk commodities and finished products between continents and across countries. The supply chain expertise and quality expectations we have developed to support own global operations we also offer to customers who seek to gain operational efficiency, manage volatility, reduce costs, and ship products safely. Whether transporting temperture controlled freight over roads or shipping dry bulk or tanker freight across oceans, take advantage of our supply chain expertise.

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Ocean Transportation

Achieving operational efficiency and a competitive edge in today’s uncertain and volatile markets requires a partner who can truly understand your challenges and provides the right solutions that reach beyond shipping.

Refrigerated Trucking

Cargill Meat Logistics Solutions provides transportation, logistics, and supply chain services to its customers, and specializes in moving refrigerated, temperature-controlled freight such as meat and produce. CMLS operates throughout the U.S. and into Canada and Mexico. 

Tanker Freight

Cargill's tanker freight business brings together Cargill’s own long-standing experience in ocean transportation for crude oil, petroleum products, LNG/LPG and edible oil supply chains to help you manage your tanker freight shipping needs and just-in-time global supply.

How Cargill is making shipping cleaner

Although shipping is the cleanest form of transport, it’s not quite perfect. Here’s what Cargill is doing to make it better.


Cutting Pollution & Preserving the Planet

To help the shipping community reduce pollutants released during transport, Cargill partners with RightShip and sets a new environmental standard 

[Asia Pacific]/[]

The Bebedouro Ships Juice Worldwide

To transport frozen orange juice concentrate to markets across the globe, Cargill designs a special bulk carrier ship.


A Small Supplier Makes a Big Difference

Partnering with Cargill, an Argentinian transport business expands to meet the needs of flour customers across the country. 

[Latin America]/[]

Grain Flows Down the Mississippi

By routing grain to the Gulf of Mexico, Cargill enables growth of the American grain export market.

[North America]/[]

Companies Ship on Time With Cargill

When a global operation encounters shipping challenges, Cargill’s ocean tanker teams help it stay successful.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Building Ships to Provide Wartime Resources

During the height of World War II, Cargill constructs an innovative, inland port to produce tankers that deliver critical supplies to the US Navy.

[North America]/[]

A New Barge Design Enhances Trade Transport

In the late 1930s, Cargill entered the shipbuilding business with an innovative thought: one boat is more efficient than two.

[North America]/[]

A Clever Solution for Faster Corn Syrup Loading

With an unconventional loading bay at its Washington corn milling terminal, Cargill helps customers cut transportation time and increase productivity. 

[North America]/[]

The World’s First Offshore Port

To bring low-cost fertilizer to farmers across India, Cargill bypasses expensive ports with a floating platform that unloads large vessels offshore. 

[Asia Pacific]/[]