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The Modern Day Farmer

Today's farmer must balance sustainability, technology and performance, while also meeting consumer demands to be successful – and that's no easy task


Growing Their Potential: Agri Farmers and Aqua Industry Collaborate to Create New Feed Option

Cargill and TechnoServe are supporting the growth of a super protein – one with benefits for the environment, the aquaculture industry and indigenous farmers. Farmers in the La Araucania Region of Chile grow a type of lupine able to yield 50 percent greater protein than traditional alternatives. It’s used in aqua feed as a sustainable way to feed the growing demand for seafood.


Hobby farmer’s success with phytogenics leaves no doubt about how to feed his red deer herd

A farmer looks past the status quo for the best feed solution. His animals benefit and the world takes notice.


Chinese farmers fight ASF – aided by governments, Cargill and mobile apps

To support customers like Mr. Yu and the industry more broadly, Cargill’s team in China has partnered with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the China Rural Distance Education Network and the Smart Agriculture App by MARA. Their goal: to promote a “360-degree comprehensive solution” for ASF control and prevention.


Trusted Advisors, True Partners

Producers need trusted advisors – someone who can assess the needs of animals and advise within the context of the operation. 


From Quality Feed to World-Class Cheese

The best food starts with the best feed.

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