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How A Farmer In South Korea Is Decreasing Pig Mortality Rates

Sansoogol, the largest farmer in South Korea, saw higher growth rate and livability of post-weaning pigs after focusing its feed strategy on young animal nutrition.

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Optimizing Shrimp Growth and Health through Post Larva Nutrition

In 2020, BIOGEMAR approached Cargill to build a liquid feed nutrition strategy for its early-stage shrimp. As a result, they saw 20% higher larva survival rate and improved water quality with a reduction in toxic ammonium levels.

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Improving Resident Water Quality While Maintaining Tilapia Productivity

Chonpapat Farm, one of the largest tilapia farms in Thailand’s Northeastern region, needed support to bolster productivity and production after installing a PE-lined pond to comply with the new policy. Chonpapat Farm turned to Cargill as a trusted partner to deploy AquaPond feed.

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