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Technology in protein production is more than a trend. It’s a reality that will continue to adapt, evolve and advance. Like never before, innovation is happening at a rapid pace.

Successful producers use many innovative technologies and methods to operate more efficiently. From drones that analyze animal health to predictive nutrient computer models, the tools are remarkably sophisticated. This helps farmers improve productivity, sustainability and animal welfare using fewer resources. A bonus: farmers can plan and predict with greater certainty than ever imagined.

The precision, speed and relevancy of new data and technologies will continue to help farmers make better, faster and more informed decisions to feed a hungry world – and to protect the environment at the same time. Those who embrace new technologies and adapt to the changing landscape and marketplace stand to benefit the most.

Technological innovation is all about providing tools to help take farmers to the next level. Farmers can leverage data to inform, guide, predict and be an interpreter of change for other producers, consumers and the world at large – all while ensuring global responsibility and animal well-being stay front and center.

Digital Disruption

Technology - Digital Disruption Image Digital technology is transforming the animal production industry. The result? A completely different method of decision-making.

Today, producers collect and integrate real-time data from a wide range of internal and external sources. There’s no shortage of ways to gather data, but it can be a challenge to glean insights that inform what to do.

Cargill’s digital tools and properties help producers understand and interpret data to improve animal health, productivity and more. These solutions give farmers a market advantage, while allowing for simple, practical decision-making through the entire value chain.

One of the most compelling cases is in technology and animal welfare. Today’s tools can signal specific needs of animals before any human eye could recognize an issue. Some examples include:

  • Poultry: Real-time scans of barns and houses give insights on how to better arrange spaces for the animals’ comfort. If a producer sees groupings of birds in one area on a cold day, for example, they can troubleshoot and adjust heat sources to provide full coverage of the animals’ space.
  • Aquaculture: Shrimp producers can use digital tools and modeling to measure how shrimp grow day-to-day and predict the date that will provide the most profitable harvest.

Beyond farm management, technology helps producers connect to consumer needs. Consumers increasingly want traceability, sustainability and a full understanding of where their food comes from. As preferences evolve, producers will need to evolve, too, leaning on technology to stay ahead.

Technological Offerings for Animal Producers

Through Cargill partnerships and offerings, producers have an array of technologies that align the protein production chain with consumer demands. These advancements provide the information and insights needed to make better, more informed decisions.


Mobile Data Application

This mobile data application, called iQuatic™, syncs with a livestock operation’s dashboard. It leverages data like animal size, dissolved oxygen levels and weather to solve challenges on the farm. Armed with more data, its advanced models learn more about the operation. This helps with decision-making, which can improve harvest results, decrease input costs and increase efficiency.

Technology - Technological Offerings iQuatic Image

Herd Management Dashboards

This tool, called Dairy Enteligen™, helps farmers control farm productivity and sustain long-term profits. It integrates data from herd management systems, including nutrition formulation, to offer a real-time dashboard of operation insights. In a world full of evolving consumer demands, volatility and market changes, this can make a big difference.


Technology - Technological Offerings DE Image

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology has become commonplace in the consumer technology world. This advanced technology is also available to help farmers better manage their dairy operations. Through a strategic partnership between Cargill and Cainthus, producers will be able to access technology that recognizes changes in a cow’s appearance to detect illnesses, such as mastitis, at the onset. Access to this critical data that can impact overall animal health, reproduction management and milk production.


Technology - Technological Offerings Cainthus Image

Ingredient Nutritional Analysis

New technology, Reveal®, allows dairy farmers to analyze nutritional makeup of samples of forage and whole milk in real-time. Using SCiO, the world’s first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer device, farmers can scan samples and compare against Cargill’s database of nutritional ingredients.


Technology - Technological Offerings Reveal Image

Animal Nutrition Optimization

By using Format Solutions’ connected software, producers have the power to better support animal and feed production with formulation, mill management, and digital nutrition solutions. With the help of this software, producers make faster, more insightful nutrition decisions that prevent under- and over- formulation, create consistent animal performance, and optimize diets for all species.


Technology - Technological Offerings Format Soultions Image

Dig Deeper Producer:

Stories of Technological Advancement

Producers across the world are using various technological advancements to improve animal health and well-being, maximize performance and increase sustainability. These stories are just a few examples of the countless ways producers have welcomed technology onto the farm.

The Farm of the Future Demands Digital

Today's leading farms depend on digital insights to feed the world


Young animal nutrition: more than a feed formula

Cargill’s innovative feeds, ingredients, and comprehensive customer support are helping swine producers around the world optimize their animals’ health and productivity.  


Is Seaweed a Viable Solution to Reduce Methane Emission?

Seaweed-based feed ingredients have recently been highlighted as a possible solution to reducing enteric methane emissions in cattle and mitigate climate change – but there is still a lot to learn. 

[]/[Portugal, United States (USA), Vietnam]

Insights Driven Animal Production: A Q&A With Dave Cook

Cargill’s Dave Cook shares the history and future of insights driven animal production.


A Sustainable New Ingredient for Feed

Introducing insect protein as an alternative, sustainable ingredient in animal feed


Disruptive Technology Can Decrease Enteric Methane Emission

Wearable devices for cattle provide a promising solution. 


Bringing next-generation flock-management capabilities to poultry producers with new, artificial intelligence (AI) driven service.

Leveraging more than a decade of research on the gut microbiome, Galleon accesses Cargill’s extensive research data to guide flock-management decisions.


From Partnership Comes Prosperity

A Vietnamese farmer partnered with Cargill to improve his farm – and ended up improving his family's well-being.


Improving Resident Water Quality While Maintaining Tilapia Productivity

Chonpapat Farm, one of the largest tilapia farms in Thailand’s Northeastern region, needed support to bolster productivity and production after installing a PE-lined pond to comply with the new policy. Chonpapat Farm turned to Cargill as a trusted partner to deploy AquaPond feed.

[Asia Pacific]/[]

Hobby Farmer Has Success With Phytogenic Feed Additives For Red Deer

A farmer looks past the status quo for the best feed solution. His animals benefit and the world takes notice.


Doing More with Less Via Automation

An automated feed mixer saves a farm time and money.


Passion for High-Quality Protein

When animal health comes first, performance follows, and a producer satisfies a niche market


From Quality Feed to World-Class Cheese

The best food starts with the best feed.


Farmers Fight African Swine Fever – Aided By Cargill & Others

To support customers like Mr. Yu and the industry more broadly, Cargill’s team in China has partnered with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA), the China Rural Distance Education Network and the Smart Agriculture App by MARA. Their goal: to promote a “360-degree comprehensive solution” for ASF control and prevention.


The Modern Day Farmer

Today's farmer must balance sustainability, technology and performance, while also meeting consumer demands to be successful – and that's no easy task


Sustainability and the bottom line

Do sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand?


Cargill launches micro NIR technology to revolutionize salmon quality sampling

With the EWOS SalmoNIR technology, salmon farmers now have immediate availability of data to inform their farm management in real time.


How Feed Can Positively Impact Gill Health

Specially designed feed can reduce inflammation and help with tissue repair, enabling the maintenance of gill function. 


Predictive Analytics Require Good Data

Ensuring success with predictive analytics relies on building a good data foundation


Harnessing Drones To Improve Cattle Feed Consistency, Overall Herd Health

Diet consistency plays a significant role in if a cow is healthy and productive. Make sure the ration on paper is as close as possible to what the cows eat. 


Better Connectivity for Greater Impact

How rural broadband access will grow the economy


Turning Excess into an Asset

Coldstream Farms re-purposes excess water to promote a sustainable system.


New Research Confirms Farming Is A Tough Row To Hoe

Cargill is working to bridge the divide, supporting farmers and connecting advancements to consumer concerns.


‘Sleeping better’ in Ecuador with iQuatic™

Despite ever-growing industry complexity, this Ecuadorian shrimp farmer has peace of mind—using technology to gain insights and make informed decisions.


Data-Driven Insights Improve Animal Well-being

Data drives nutritional insights to ensure the well-being of a dairy herd


Protecting a Legacy

Operations face unforeseen risks. How one farm prepared to protect itself.


Trusted Advisors, True Partners

Producers need trusted advisors – someone who can assess the needs of animals and advise within the context of the operation. 


Open Letter on the Value of Animal Agriculture

How livestock is supporting global nutrition, high standards of food safety and public health during the COVID-19 pandemic


Converting Insights Into Action: New Dairy Forecast Solution Launched On Dairy Enteligen

Cargill launches Dairy Forecast, the first solution that combines all the data into one dashboard.

[]/[Portugal, United States (USA), Vietnam]