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Young Pig Animal Nutrition

Nothing so significantly impacts the health, growth, and viability of production animals like the nutrition provided to animals during the early stages of their lives.

Young animal nutrition plays a critical role in developing and the immune system, ensuring digestive health, promoting efficient weight gain, and reducing mortality for young pigs. Once they’re off to the best start possible, these animals deliver higher performance throughout their lives, driving profitability for farmers. 

Young animal nutrition is becoming more important as challenges to meeting higher productivity goals in strictly legislated environments grows.  

Cargill takes an unparalleled, comprehensive partnership approach to young animal nutrition, ensuring each customer can achieve their goals using the resources available to them.

Young Pig Animal Nutrition -insideimage001 Superior Ingredients and Consistency

High-quality ingredients and consistency in feed are essentials when it comes to improving and carefully managing animal health, well-being, and performance. That means critical high quality raw material selection​, specialized production capabilities ​and quality control​ throughout the manufacturing process, driving consistent results. 

Through Cargill’s Nutrition System (CNS), Cargill’s extensive and comprehensive knowledge of ingredients and their applications is coupled with expert knowledge of an animal’s nutritional needs. Combining the two results in formulation that meets all an animal's needs without waste. 

In addition, having a consistent and high-quality research and development processes enables us to methodically improve and drive innovation, resulting in superior nutrition solutions and services.

Young Pig Animal Nutrition -insideimage002 Ever-Evolving Expert Knowledge

The young pig’s intestinal microbiome is complex. Understanding the role of specific nutrients on the microflora is important, especially in weaned pigs when intake and nutrient digestibility is often reduced. Understanding undigested nutrients and their associated implications on the microflora is an opportunity to improve intestinal immunity and performance.
Cargill offers guidance and support to customers, providing nutritionists, formulation specialists and comprehensive customer support team members who work closely with farmers to help them understand and support the gut microbiome to keep infant pigs healthy and productive. 

In addition, we’re constantly investing in our young animal nutrition portfolio and developing products and solutions to help farmers raise healthier animals and improve performance, with offerings such as Neopigg™ and Nurture™.

Young Pig Animal Nutrition -insideimage003 Adapted specifically for your farm

Every pig and farm is different. Different countries have different conditions, farmers need to make sure they have the right feed for the environment to reach their goals. Our portfolio includes milk replacers, neonatal solutions, starter feed solutions, additives, and digital solutions. These can be used to create a nutrition solution that is optimal for specific environments.

We see young animal nutrition as the base of every successful animal production operation. You can learn more about our product offerings here.

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