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When it comes to feeding the world’s growing population, just reacting to change has never been enough. We salute the forward-looking farmers everywhere as we work together to find new ways to keep the world’s most important industry thriving.



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How A Farmer In South Korea Is Decreasing Pig Mortality Rates

Sansoogol, the largest farmer in South Korea, saw higher growth rate and livability of post-weaning pigs after focusing its feed strategy on young animal nutrition.

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Optimizing Shrimp Growth and Health through Post Larva Nutrition

In 2020, BIOGEMAR approached Cargill to build a liquid feed nutrition strategy for its early-stage shrimp. As a result, they saw 20% higher larva survival rate and improved water quality with a reduction in toxic ammonium levels.

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Improving Resident Water Quality While Maintaining Tilapia Productivity

Chonpapat Farm, one of the largest tilapia farms in Thailand’s Northeastern region, needed support to bolster productivity and production after installing a PE-lined pond to comply with the new policy. Chonpapat Farm turned to Cargill as a trusted partner to deploy AquaPond feed.

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Technology & Consumer Demand


Feeding Intelligence Place Holder 2021

There’s no question consumers expect more from their food than ever before. We’re all grateful that farmers are delivering more than ever, and doing everything in their power to live up to those expectations. Explore how evolving and emerging technologies are empowering farmers as they work to meet the changing demands of a global population.




Methane Emissions Reduction


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On-farm methane emissions reduction is increasingly important as consumers demand sustainable protein options and action against climate change. To deliver, the agriculture industry holds a unique position to drive change for our climate. Cargill is positioned to support farmers with a holistic approach to implement meaningful solutions that are good for the environment and farmer prosperity.

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In the News

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A different approach to reducing methane

Cargill ruminant strategic marketing and technology lead, Sander van Zijderveld, talked to Dairy Global about Cargill’s partnership with ZELP to combat natural methane emissions in dairy, and how the technology is more than a methane-reducing tool. He also discusses combining technology in methane oxidation and data processing to minimize dairy production’s environmental impact. Read more here.


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Sustainability – Front and Center

Cargill Animal Nutrition’s Mariano Berdegue, Global Leader of Strategic Marketing and Technology, joins the Sustainability working group of FeedInfo Connect to discuss what the industry could do to address challenges including climate change, pollutant emissions, and land-use change. The panel of speakers, including Mariano Berdegue, featured senior leaders from global industry players. Watch the full panel discussion here.


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Learning the Field: How Digital Agricultural Tools Are Improving Farmer Welfare in Turkey


Cargill joins partnership to address Black equity -image

Cargill joins partnership to address Black equity in ag

Teaser Since the start of 2020, many companies have stepped up to voice support for social justice measures, and Cargill has created a partnership to help dismantle these inequities: the Black Farmer Equity Initiative.


Agtech CVC Cargill on the agrifood industrys reluctant digital shift -image

Agtech CVC: Cargill on the agrifood industry’s reluctant digital shift

US agrifood giant Cargill isn’t new to the corporate venture capital game. But its style is unlike most of its peers.


AgteBioefficacy and the future of premix production -image

Bioefficacy and the future of premix production

Cargill Animal Nutrition’s president Adriano Marcon discusses the importance of accuracy and traceability in feed production, and the company’s new ‘future-ready’ Lewisburg, Ohio, animal nutrition facility.


Cargills CEO on preventing COVID-19 surge from disrupt -image

Cargill’s CEO on preventing COVID-19 surge from disrupting the food supply

David MacLennan discusses boosting employee safety while maintaining meat production, and why food-industry workers deserve priority vaccine consideration.


Cargill launches new sustainable salmon farming initiative -image

Cargill launches new sustainable salmon farming initiative highlighting alternative ingredients, animal welfare

Cargill, the United States' largest privately held company, launched a new sustainability initiative aimed at slashing two billion kilograms of carbon dioxide by 2030, equivalent to removing 400,000 cars from the road.


The demise of milk? How technology shows its decline -image

The demise of milk? How technology shows its decline has been exaggerated

Listing out the number of milk alternatives might convince you that the time of seeing cows in the fields is gone. That said, if cows could talk, they might paraphrase Mark Twain: Rumors of their demise have been exaggerated.


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Consumers crave a “better understanding of the story behind the food,” Cargill survey finds

The power of transparency when it comes to building lasting relationships with consumers is apparent in the results of the latest Feed4Thought survey conducted by international aquafeed company Cargill.