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When it comes to feeding the world’s growing population, just reacting to change has never been enough. We salute the forward-looking farmers everywhere as we work together to find new ways to keep the world’s most important industry thriving.



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Is Seaweed a Viable Solution to Reduce Methane Emission?

Seaweed-based feed ingredients have recently been highlighted as a possible solution to reducing enteric methane emissions in cattle and mitigate climate change – but there is still a lot to learn. 

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Converting Insights Into Action: New Dairy Forecast Solution Launched On Dairy Enteligen

Cargill launches Dairy Forecast, the first solution that combines all the data into one dashboard.

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Can protein help fight hunger and poverty?

What’s the answer to this challenge? For some, it may be chickens and eggs.

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Technology & Consumer Demand


Feeding Intelligence Place Holder 2021

There’s no question consumers expect more from their food than ever before. We’re all grateful that farmers are delivering more than ever, and doing everything in their power to live up to those expectations. Explore how evolving and emerging technologies are empowering farmers as they work to meet the changing demands of a global population.