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Food Safety, Quality, and Regulatory Requirements

For Suppliers and External Manufacturers to Cargill

At Cargill, to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way, we believe supply chains that support global human and animal food systems must be safe, of high quality, and regulatory compliant. Because we are engaged in numerous food supply chains around the world, we are committed to working with our supply chain partners to ensure our customers and consumers have access to safe, high quality, and regulatory compliant products every time, everywhere. Through this shared commitment with you, our suppliers and external manufacturers, we will continue our efforts to mitigate food safety risks to keep people and animals safe, and to ensure regulatory compliance of our products in the markets we serve around the world so others can thrive. 

In addition to the Cargill Supplier Code of Conduct, Cargill has established global human and animal food/feed safety, quality and regulatory processes, and standards to ensure the integrity of all of our products and services. The Cargill Supplier and External Manufacturer Requirements Manual, provided here, describes: a) Cargill’s food safety, quality and regulatory compliance requirements for our Suppliers and External Manufacturers, and b) The process Cargill uses to initially qualify and subsequently manage the relationship with our Suppliers and External Manufacturers.