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Gerkens' Story

June 15, 2016

Capture the rise in premiumization with Gerkens® using our high-impact spectrum

You can benefit from the unique rich taste and dark color of premium high-impact powders from Gerkens Cacao® as our teams across Europe provide specialist advice and product demonstrations. CCC - Newsletter image - HI campaignTo help you stand out from the crowd, not only can you make full use of the best premium cocoa powders in the world, but you can also take advantage of the broad food knowledge across Cargill and our deep cocoa expertise. Your recipes can be optimized in our global application centers, partnering with us to help you differentiate your product range even further.

Innovation helps you discover standout dark applications

With their indulgent rich flavor, many of our high-impact cocoa powders need less balancing with sugar in your final recipes, for real chocolatey taste without sacrifice. This helps you offer a richer chocolate experience for a variety of applications from chocolate milk to ice cream, desserts, and more.

Product development benefits, made uniquely for you

With a lower dosage of powder required for an equivalent dark brown shade, you can benefit from the high-impact of our powders by offering a taste that needs less balancing with sugar. Creating products with Gerkens® high-impact powders means the possibilities for delighting consumers are endless.

The smoothness of your end product will help set you apart as well, thanks to the finest powders in the industry and our world-class blending capabilities. And because these premium cocoa powders maintain a strong, consistent color across applications – with no dark spots in shakes or puddings – you can be sure of the quality of your final recipes, while still customizing the taste to your specific needs.

Contact your sales manager or visit to find out more about the sensational high-impact capabilities that are only possible with Gerkens® Cacao.