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Get inspiration for your next big hit thanks to Cargill trends expertise

Staying ahead of consumer demands

February 21, 2016

Anticipating industry trends or determining which recipe consumers will love needn’t be down to guesswork. Whether you are looking for high-level market insights or prefer to go in-depth in your specific category and applications, Cargill can help make sure you never miss out through the many and various trends we monitor – from macro and food trends to ingredient and category ones.

Stay ahead of changing consumer demands and respond successfully to key challenges

We can help you to:

  • Examine macroeconomic trends shaping the economy, individuals and society
  • Understand consumers’ needs and behavioral change
  • Analyze key issues in the food industry, through food trends

Dive into your category and applications with a chocolate perspective from an industry leader

Get all the knowledge needed to:

  • Recognize potential new markets and growth opportunities through market data
  • See the key global trends and positionings shaping your category, with a clear focus on cocoa and chocolate
  • Discover the world of cocoa and chocolate and look beyond your specific category for new ideas and inspiration, through cocoa, chocolate and coatings & fillings ingredient trends

Helping you create your next breakthrough innovation

Through our broad trends monitoring we help you identify growth opportunities and offer insights to overcome your biggest business challenges, giving you what it takes to successfully go to market with your next delicious innovations.

“We are strongly focused on trend monitoring to support you in being successful,” says Brigitte Bayart, Senior Marketing Manager Chocolate, Coatings and Fillings. “Thanks to Cargill’s T-model, we are uniquely set up with our broad food knowledge and deep cocoa and chocolate expertise to help you bring your next product innovation to market.”

Contact your Sales Manager to learn more about trends at each level and see how we can support you to develop your next chocolate innovations.