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Greater canola yields per acre 

Our traditional breeding research on canola is getting more from less

March 13, 2013

Cargill’s high-oleic canola oil delivers zero grams of trans fat per serving and reduced saturated fat content. As a supplier of high-oleic canola oil to McDonald’s, we naturally asked the question: Can we improve the agronomic properties of our canola hybrid plants and get more oil per acre of land?

Over the past six years, we ramped up our investment in research and development to solve this problem. Scientists at our two North American canola research facilities developed improved varieties through traditional breeding programs that would meet the needs of farmers. We developed grower support programs to help those farmers be more successful, providing them with resources for disease prevention and crop management best practices developed by the Canola Council of Canada.

The results? Our varieties have consistently increased yields and our growers continue to produce quality crops, meaning more healthful oil from fewer acres. For McDonald’s, we lowered the amount of acreage used to produce their oil in 2013 by 20 percent compared to what it would have taken in 2007.