Facilities throughout the world facilitate superior service 

With contract operations throughout the central United States, and two hog processing facilities in Illinois and Iowa, Cargill Pork can meet the diverse needs of customers globally. 

In addition, domestic and international sales offices provide responsive customer service and allow for the development of close relationships with the customers we serve.

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Cargill Pork Locations 

csf_imap_sm_yellow Headquarters

  • Wichita, Kansas

csf_imap_sm_red Cargill Innovation  Center

  • Wichita, Kansas

csf_imap_sm_blue Pork Processing Facilities

  • Ottumwa, IA
  • Beardstown, IL

csf_imap_sm_ltgreen Research Facilities

  • Fortuna, MO

csf_imap_sm_mdgrey Cargill Pork LLC Admin Office

  • Russellville, AR

csf_imap_sm_black Genetic Facilities

  • Morrilton, AR
  • Umpire, AR
  • Cameron, OK
  • Dalhart, TX

csf_imap_sm_ltteal Feed Mills

  • London, AR
  • Hedrick,. IA
  • Centralia, MO
  • Smithton, MO
  • Dalhart, TX