Food safety

Our goal is to provide the safest food possible – every serving, every time.

Producing the safest food possible is absolutely critical to the ongoing success of our business and your business.  We use advanced technologies throughout our plants, and invest time, money and the talents of our people in food safety innovation. We also work with others in and out of the industry to help solve food safety challenges. 

Our Food Safety System is built on three pillars: Raw Material Supplier Approval Program, Verification Sampling and Testing Program, and Research and Development Initiatives.

  • We hold every supplier to our rigorous requirements.  We audit and monitor our suppliers to ensure compliance and will not do business with suppliers that fail to meet our food safety requirements.
  • A robust pathogen testing program plays a very important role in risk reduction, but it is not the complete answer.  We continuously review and modify our testing procedures to incorporate evolving scientific insights and the development of new and better testing methodology.
  • Even with all of the progress made in food safety, we are not satisfied.  Through significant investments in science and innovation, we continuously seek ways to further reduce the risk of food-borne illness and to advance best practices in our business and throughout the industry.

This is bottom line for us – we are committed to help meet the challenges of ensuring a safe food supply.