Our commitments

It’s not just our business. It’s our passion.

At Cargill, we put everything we know into every burger you serve. From start to finish, along the entire supply chain, our team of diverse professionals delivers expertise in the ground beef business including food safety, risk management, innovation and operational excellence.

CVAM food service. Food safety.
Food safety
  • Maintain a stringent Raw Material Supplier Approval Program
  • Employ a robust test and hold process at all dedicated beef patty processing facilities
  • Utilize a Frozen Ground Beef Verification Sampling and Testing program for E. coli O157:H7
  • Investigate new opportunities through continuous research and development
CVAM food service. Product innovation.
Product innovation
  • Develop new product formulations that meet growing customer needs
  • Operate a best-in-class innovation center with culinary test kitchens for product testing and development
  • Conduct pathogenic, microbiological and analytical research to drive greater product understanding
CVAM food service. Operational excellence.
Operational excellence
  • Six Sigma+ approach to production to measure key input variables against key output variables
  • Utilize a real-time data collection system to proactively address production outcomes and minimize waste
  • Continued focus on automation to improve efficiency
Risk management
  • Work with customers to understand their raw material pricing objectives and provide targeted solutions 
  • Use global commodity expertise to manage market volatility
CVAM food service. Corporate responsibility.
Corporate responsibility
  • Continually enhancing our processes and efficiencies at our facilities to minimize environmental impact
  • Supporting humane animal welfare practices
  • Maintain a global Cargill Cares network that’s dedicated to charitable giving
  • Caring employees who volunteer to give back in the local communities where we have a presence
  • Dedicated to green efforts, such as water recycling, waste reduction and emissions reduction