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A unique mix of products

Cargill’s value-added meat products fill a variety of needs for our customers. With a product offering including seasoned patties, 100% ground beef products and fresh burgers, our customers are given a competitive edge while building consumer loyalty.

Frozen beef patty offerings
TNT™ Patties.

TNT™ Patties. 
A diversified burger menu creates a powerful draw for customers. That’s why TNT™ patties can make businesses stand out. Made from a proprietary recipe and process that delivers on flavor and juiciness, TNT™ patties have a fresh-from-the-grill taste every time. Visit the TNT™ Patties website to learn more.

  • Tender, home-style patty with a meaty bite
  • Special Au Jus seasoning delivers a dynamite flavor profile
  • Unmatched 3+ hour hold time without drying out before serving
  • Ready from your freezer to your grill, reducing prep time and labor
  • Available in beef, Angus beef and turkey
  • Variety of sizes available, including 2.0 oz. sliders
  • No added MSG


JJ’s Tavern Patty™ Burger.

JJ’s Tavern Patty™ Burger. 
The power of burgers to attract customers and increase business is stronger than ever.  JJ’s Tavern Patties™ deliver classic burger taste with a special recipe and proprietary process that ensure burgers stay juicy and flavorful.

  • Signature recipe and simple ingredients ensure a flavorful, juicy burger every time
  • Cook-from-frozen state reduces prep time and saves labor
  • IQF for easy handling, storage and prep
  • Available in a variety of sizes including 2.0 oz. mini patties
  • No added MSG and Gluten Free


Fresh beef patty offerings
Fressure® Patties.

Fressure® Patties. 
Using high-pressure processing, Fressure® ground beef patties offer enhanced food safety in a natural way without chemicals, preservatives or high heat while reducing costs due to double-the-industry average shelf life. Visit our Fressure® ground beef patties website to learn more.

  • Extended freshness and shelf life
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Consistent flavor and eating experience throughout the shelf life
  • Valuable supply chain solution allowing for safety stock and less waste