Better Nutrition is Our Business

Cargill Animal Nutrition provides trusted animal feeds and customized nutrition solutions to help you maximize the performance of your operation. 

When you work with Cargill, you harness the trust that comes from more than 100 years of experience, a vast network of research and innovation centers, and a footprint in 37 countries. Our comprehensive feed and nutrition solutions are tailored to your specific needs, helping nourish and grow species such as: 

Nutrition Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

By species, by region, by environmental conditions, we deliver customized feed and nutrition solutions to customers around the world. Our scientists scan more than 600,000 feed samples every year in our global laboratories to create a rich database of nutrient composition and quality. And our more than 100 patents give you access to Cargill’s proprietary products and technology.

Targeting Nutrition Gaps

With extensive knowledge of animal nutrient needs, we can formulate the right diet for your animals to support their healthy growth and deliver higher yields. In addition to our feed solutions, our diagnostic tools and other technologies used in more than 250 production facilities around the world, are helping producers analyze animal diets, single out nutrition gaps, identify solutions and project performance data.

A Principled Approach

Founded in a humble grain flat house in the heart of America’s farmland, we’ve never lost our rural sensibilities of doing business the right way. We have an uncompromising commitment to feed safety, ingredient quality and product integrity. Our focus on excellence and responsibility ensures higher-quality products and services for you.

Solutions for Every Business

Feed Manufacturers:Our expertise in animal nutrition, metabolism and performance combined with our nutrient-based feed formulation tools help ensure feed manufacturers thrive.

Livestock producers: Cargill Animal Nutrition solutions and its technology suite can help meat and dairy producers better target their animals’ nutrient needs and improve production yields.

Feed Retailers: A comprehensive line of trusted and name-brand products helps support the health of feed retail customers’ horses, pets, show animals, fish ponds and livestock.