Cargill refutes Rainforest Action Network claims about Tripa forest



As part of our commitment to rainforest protection, Cargill has been supplying sustainable palm oil since 2010. We’re proud to be the first company developing a 100-percent sustainable supply chain for palm oil. We’re also happy to share the policies we have in place to safeguard the environment, workers and the rights of indigenous people.  

The Rainforest Action Network has recently been concerned about fires burning in the Tripa forest in Indonesia, but their petitions don’t have the facts about Cargill.

  • We don’t do business with PT Kallista Alam, the company accused of setting the fires.
  • We don’t supply anywhere near 25 percent of the world’s palm oil. 
  • We don’t import Indonesian palm oil to the U.S. The reason is simple: More than 80 percent of all palm oil is used in China, India and Indonesia itself. The U.S. uses less than 3 percent, Cargill supplies only a fraction of that and it doesn’t come from Indonesia.
  • RAN knows we are supplying sustainable palm oil now, not “phasing it in” or “waiting” till 2020. They’ve been to our plantation, one of the first to be certified sustainable.  
  • RAN knows we are committed to traceability. We’ve been supplying fully traceable palm oil for two years.

As a food and agricultural company, we know that protecting the planet is more than just the right thing to do. That’s why Cargill works with respected environmental groups to conserve forest and the creatures that live there. If you’re passionate about saving rainforests, you can help by supporting the work being done by the World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International and Flora & Fauna International.