Cargill response to U.S. Dept. of Labor job-discrimination claim



The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a complaint alleging that Cargill discriminated against white, black, Hispanic, Native American and female job applicants at a facility in Springdale, Ark. The allegations are without merit.

“We have a very diverse workforce in Springdale,” said Steve Willardsen, head of the Cargill plant there. “In fact, our employee population is 84 percent minority, and 36 percent of our plant employees are women.”

The complaint alleges that hiring at the plant favored Asian/Pacific Islanders, of which there is a large population in northern Arkansas. It was based on three years of data starting in August 2005, a time when jobs were plentiful in the area and unemployment was low. 

Cargill Meat Solutions selects the best-qualified job candidates, without regard to their gender, race, ethnicity or nationality. It appears that the allegations are based on a statistical analysis only, and we look forward to resolving the matter.