Cargill hosts food security seminar in U.K.



15 September 2011Cargill hosts food security seminar in U.K.
On September 15, Cargill hosted a seminar in the United Kingdom entitled “The food on your plate -- what’s at stake?” Over 250 guests attended and heard four presenters tackle the critical issue of volatile food prices and the influences on the entire supply chain – from farm to fork. 

The speakers included Paul Conway, Vice Chairman, Cargill Inc.; Peter Kendall, President, National Farmers Union; Jim Moseley, President, Food & Drink Federation and Regional Managing Director, General Mills and Martin Whittingham, Director & Retail Analyst, Kantar Worldpanel.

For many years, the food and agriculture industries were perceived as relatively uninteresting by media, governments and even many consumers.  Many parts of the developed world took their food for granted and underinvested in agricultural research and development, technology and infrastructure. 

Cargill hosts food security seminar in U.K.A sharp increase in commodity price volatility over the past four years has changed all that - to the point where food security is the top item on the G20's agenda.   

Can we meet growing demand for food and how do we prepare for the future?  The speakers were in agreement that we can produce sufficient volumes of food to effectively and affordably feed a world population that is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050.  But for this to happen, free and open trade should be encouraged, scientific and technological advancements should be embraced, and efficient, rules-based markets should be allowed to work. 


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