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Nutrena® introduces NatureWise® natural poultry feed and Country Feeds® value line for poultry

Feeds feature improved formulation and the latest nutritional science

Date: 31 January 2011

Lisa Weigman, (952)-984-0169,
Liz Pearce, (952) 742-6202,

MINNEAPOLIS – Cargill today announced its Nutrena® brand is introducing a newly reformulated line of NatureWise® poultry feed, featuring five new natural formulas specially designed to meet the needs of backyard poultry flocks. The original NatureWise® formulation is still available, now under the Nutrena® Country Feeds® label, a national, value-priced brand.

NatureWise® natural poultry feed is made without any chemicals or animal by-products. It is antibiotic free, with the exception of the Chick Starter Grower formula, which is offered in medicated and non-medicated forms. The new NatureWise® line, for all types and ages of poultry, is specially formulated to support healthy chicken performance and enhance fresh egg quality. Every NatureWise® formulation contains a proprietary blend of nutrients to support the immune system, along with prebiotics and probiotics to support overall bird health.

  • NatureWise® Chick Starter Grower: Complete nutrition containing 18 percent protein in a crumble feed to meet the demands of healthy, growing chicks.
  • NatureWise® Layer: Available in either a crumble or pellet with 16 percent protein, it has the proper amino acids and balance of minerals for optimum growth and eggshell hardness and fresh egg quality, and marigold extract for yolk color and enhanced skin coloration.
  • NatureWise® Meat Bird: Formulated to support proper health and growth, the 22 percent protein crumble is suited for broilers, ducks, geese, turkeys or game birds.
  • NatureWise® All Flock: As its name implies, this 18 percent protein pellet formulation supports the nutritional requirements to feed all classes of poultry including layers, broilers, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants and free-range birds.
  • NatureWise® Scratch: A fresh blend of three grains and supplemental energy supports growth, egg production and natural foraging.

Nutrena® brand Country Feeds® is the only value-priced, national brand feed for all types and ages of poultry that is designed to provide a solid and reliable feeding program at a reasonable price.

  • Country Feeds® Chick Starter Grower: This starter grower has complete nutrition to meet the demands of healthy, growing chicks and has balanced amino acids to support muscle development and weight gain.
  • Country Feeds® Layer: Available in either a crumble or pellet with 16 percent protein, it's fortified with vitamins and minerals to promote hen health and egg production.
  • Country Feeds ® All Flock: A nutritious formula for the entire flock, the pellet form helps prevent feed waste when scattered. It contains 18 percent protein and balanced amino acids to support strong birds.
  • Country Feeds ® Scratch Grains: A fresh, cleaned grain blend provides supplemental energy to support growth and egg production, and it is suitable for all adult poultry.

"The realignment of our brands and the new formulation of our NatureWise® products help ensure we are meeting the needs of today's poultry consumers, many of whom consider raising their flock an important part of their lives," said Lisa Weigman, Nutrena® brand marketing manager. "Whether you're looking for a natural feed or a reliable value line that is backed by a trusted brand, Nutrena® poultry feeds use state-of- the-art technology and high quality ingredients to keep your flocks healthy and growing strong."

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