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  • Cargill spawns new era in aquaculture with completion of EWOS transaction

    07 Oct 2015

    Cargill is ushering in a new era in meeting the world’s demand for protein with the completion of its acquisition of EWOS, a global leader in salmon nutrition, for 1.35 billion euros. In August, Cargill entered into an agreement with Altor Fund III and Bain Capital Europe III to acquire EWOS. The deal closed today after meeting all necessary country regulatory approvals.

  • Cargill is now a Category 2 Member of the London Metal Exchange

    07 Oct 2015

    Cargill is now recognized as a Category 2 member with the London Metal Exchange (LME). The company applied for membership as part of its business expansion in risk management, offering hedging strategies and solutions in base metals derivatives.

  • thr-thumb-70x70-cargill-logo Cargill reports first-quarter fiscal 2016 earnings

    07 Oct 2015

    Cargill today reported financial results for the fiscal 2016 first quarter ended Aug. 31, 2015.

  • Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has potential to create more prosperous, food-secure world

    05 Oct 2015

    The conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Atlanta take the world a step closer to becoming more prosperous and more food-secure.

  • UnitedHealth Group CEO Stephen J. Hemsley elected to Cargill Board of Directors

    01 Oct 2015

    Stephen J. Hemsley, chief executive officer of UnitedHealth Group, has been elected to the Cargill Board of Directors.

  • thr-thumb-70x70-eversweet-dairy Zero calories, great tasting: Cargill introduces new EverSweet™ next-generation, stevia sweetener

    01 Oct 2015

    Food and beverage companies are looking for sweetener options to satisfy consumer health without sacrificing great taste. Cargill’s answer to this: EverSweet™ next-generation zero calorie sweetener.

  • Cargill helps turkey farmers give back to their communities

    30 Sep 2015

    Cargill is kicking off this season of giving with a new Taking Care of Communities initiative for the independent farm families that raise its turkeys across the United States. The company’s Wichita-based turkey and cooked meats business is distributing “Giving Cards” – gift cards preloaded with $250 each, totaling more than $100,000 – to contract turkey farmers who will donate the cards to any charities of their choice in their respective communities. These farmers raise turkeys for Cargill’s Shady Brook Farms® and Honeysuckle White® brands.

  • Cargill to invest $111 million to convert Columbus, Neb., plant; relocate ground beef production to Wisconsin, Texas

    24 Sep 2015

    Cargill is investing $111 million to convert its ground beef plant at Columbus, Neb., to a cooked meats facility and relocate ground beef production currently taking place there. The converted plant will give the company capabilities it currently does not possess to produce specific types of cooked meat products for its customers. The conversion will begin in early December 2015, with cooked meat production scheduled to start in mid-2016. Ground beef production currently taking place at Columbus will be relocated to existing processing facilities at Butler, Wis., and Forth Worth, Texas.

  • new forest policy Cargill marks anniversary of no-deforestation pledge with new forest policy

    17 Sep 2015

    Cargill took the next step forward in meeting its commitment to do its part to end deforestation by 2030 in a new Policy on Forests released today.

  • Cargill to introduce SonoSteam technology as part of farm-to-fork commitment to reduce Campylobacter levels

    16 Sep 2015

    Cargill has announced it will introduce an innovative technology, SonoSteam, at its Hereford primary chicken processing plant in the UK, as part of its farm-to-fork action plan to tackle Campylobacter.

  • Cargill completes acquisition of FMC’s pectin operations, expanding capacity to meet growing customer demand

    16 Sep 2015

    Following the regulatory approval process, Cargill has completed the acquisition of FMC’s pectin operations in Milazzo, Sicily (Italy). The acquisition includes a pectin production line, dry peel storage silos, a quality control laboratory, commercial portfolio and a dedicated, experienced workforce.

  • Gert-Jan van den Akker to rejoin Cargill as a member of the Cargill Leadership Team

    15 Sep 2015

    Gert-Jan (G.J.) van den Akker, a former Cargill executive and managing director, will return to the company and become a member of the Cargill Leadership Team, the global executive group in charge of Cargill’s strategic direction and organizational priorities, effective December 1st 2015.

  • Farmer cooperatives in Cote d’Ivoire to benefit from access to affordable funding

    14 Sep 2015

    Farmer cooperatives in Cote d’Ivoire are set to benefit from access to affordable, commercial finance as a result of a first of its kind initiative supported by Cargill and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The mid-term commercial loans will be provided by the Ivorian bank SIB and are being made available to graduates from the Cargill Coop Academy to enable cooperatives to lease brand new trucks that will allow farmers to more easily transport their cocoa beans to markets. On the 9th September, 43 cooperatives each took delivery of their own brand new truck – a major step towards becoming more professional - at a local ceremony in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

  • Cargill to sell Plainview, Texas, beef plant site idled in 2013

    14 Sep 2015

    Cargill has placed its idled Plainview, Texas, plant property up for sale and the Dallas office of Commercial real estate broker CBRE has been retained by Cargill to market the site and evaluate potential offers. The plant was idled on Feb. 1, 2013, as the result of beef processing overcapacity in the region brought about by the area’s drought-diminished cattle herd, the impact of federally mandated Country of Origin Labeling on cattle supplies and the effects of the prior year uproar over finely textured beef (“pink slime”).

  • Cargill elects CEO David MacLennan as next chairman

    10 Sep 2015

    Cargill’s board of directors today elected David W. MacLennan, currently Cargill’s president and chief executive officer, as chairman of the board in addition to his current responsibilities. Gregory R. Page, 64, will step down as executive chairman and continue to serve on the board as an executive director of the company.

  • Cargill begins second phase of beef cattle sustainability assessment initiated last December

    08 Sep 2015

    Are your employees Beef Quality Assurance (BQA animal care and handling) certified? How are you ensuring an adequate supply of water for your cattle? Do you have a grazing land management plan in place? Answers to these and numerous additional questions will be asked of key cattle suppliers to Cargill’s beef business as part of a survey questionnaire during the current phase II of the Cargill Cattle Feeders, LLC, beef cattle sustainability initiative started last December.

  • Cargill’s Biacid™ Nucleus additive for poultry available in China and India

    02 Sep 2015

    Cargill’s animal nutrition business today introduced PROMOTE® Biacid™ Nucleus in China for poultry producers seeking better gut health and performance from their chickens. Part of the PROMOTE range of additives offered through the Provimi brand, Biacid Nucleus is an extension of the Biacid product line, which was designed to promote robust feed efficiency in poultry through improved gut functionality.

  • Cargill to invest U.S. $100 million to double capacity at its soybean crush facility in Egypt

    02 Sep 2015

    Cargill is investing U.S. $100 million to double the capacity of its soybean oil crush operation in Borg El Arab to meet the increasing demand in Egypt for soybean meal and vegetable oil. The company will also construct an additional 42,000MT of storage capacity within Cargill’s existing premises at the port of Dekheila in Alexandria.

  • Poultry industry recognizes Cargill turkey facilities for outstanding safety performance

    01 Sep 2015

    Four Cargill turkey facilities were recognized in an awards program for outstanding safety performance by the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council. Cargill’s turkey processing facility in Waco, Texas, hatchery in Gentry, Ark., and feed mill in Harrisonburg, Va. received the highest level of recognition, the Award of Distinction. Cargill’s feed mill in Springdale, Ark. received the Award of Honor.

  • Cargill on Fortune’s list of companies that are “Changing the World”

    25 Aug 2015

    Cargill has been listed on Fortune’s first ‘Change the World’ list, which recognizes the top 51 companies that have made a sizable impact on major global social or environmental problems as part of their competitive strategy. Fortune said that the goal of the list is to “shine a spotlight on instances where companies are doing good as part of their profit-making strategy, and to shed new light on the power of capitalism to improve the human condition.”

  • Cargill’s aim to be the most trusted source of sustainable products and services reflected in 2015 corporate responsibility report

    18 Aug 2015

    Cargill today released its fiscal 2015 corporate responsibility report, ”Cargill@150,” which shares how Cargill is moving forward to address sustainability issues, and provides examples of the company’s work promoting food security and improving communities where it operates.

  • New Truvia® Brown Sugar Blend satisfies Canadians’ sweet cravings with fewer calories

    18 Aug 2015

    With more and more Canadians looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake, newTruvia® Brown Sugar Blend is sure to be a tasty addition to their pantries.

  • Cargill to enter salmon feed market with purchase of EWOS from Altor and Bain Capital

    17 Aug 2015

    Cargill has entered into an agreement with Altor Fund III and Bain Capital Europe III to acquire EWOS, a global leader in salmon nutrition for 1.35 billion euros. The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, is expected to close before the end of the calendar year.

  • Cargill launches the SmartShield™ program to help customers battle EMS

    13 Aug 2015

    To help customers manage the risk of Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) on their shrimp farms and improve profitability, Cargill’s animal nutrition business has launched the SmartShield™ program, a holistic approach combining specialized feed and technical services to help combat the disease and increase production by an average of 30 percent. EMS, now technically known as Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND), is caused by certain strains of the bacteria Vibrio and has caused devastating production losses in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico, and has recently been suspected in disease outbreaks in other Central American countries. Outbreaks of EMS have caused mortality rates as high as 100 percent.

  • Cargill animal nutrition premix plant in El Salto, Mexico completes $5 million expansion

    13 Aug 2015

    Cargill continues its commitment to growth and investment with a $5 million USD plant expansion, now complete at its El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico location.