Strengthening rural farming communities

Our partnership with CARE helps fight hunger, raise farmer productivity and improve children’s education


McDonald's 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply Awards 
Award category:
Community impact, category winner
Awards:  Strengthening rural farming communities | Healthier, environmentally friendly chickensBreaking the cocoa survival cycle | Sustainable corn for China | Sweetly sustainable Truvia®Greater canola yields per acre | Learning sustainable palm


McDonald's 2014 Best of Sustainable Supply Awards. Strengthening rural farming communities. Cargill.Different regions face unique challenges that demand unique solutions. That’s why Cargill and CARE’s Rural Development Initiative involves various programs and projects that best match the needs of individual locales.

Based in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, India, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Brazil, the five-year, $10 million initiative began in 2008 with the overall goal of improving livelihoods and strengthening supply chains while alleviating poverty. We focus on a diverse range of issues, including crop yields, market access, farmer incomes, educational opportunities, child labor, healthcare, nutritional support and safe drinking water.

The first phase of our work with CARE has positively affected more than 100,000 people around the world. The initiative has helped more than 42,000 children complete primary school, improved the health and nutrition of 30,000 children, trained more than 6,000 teachers, and enabled more than 57,000 parents to better nourish and educated their kids. And 27,000 farmers have increased their families’ incomes from the technical and training assistance they received.

In September 2013, we announced a renewed three-year, $7.5 million partnership that will build on the success we’ve already achieved.

Cargill and CARE partnership

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McDonald's Best of Sustainable Supply 2014

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