Beef products

No matter what kind of menu you are serving, you can count on delighted customers when you choose from our range of cooked meats (prime rib, roast beef, corned beef/pastrami, pot roast, beef ribs), ground beef, specialty meat products and fresh meats.

Cooked meats

Spend more time perfecting your dishes and less time preparing them

Great restaurants are all about execution. That is why Cargill has a full line of cooked meats that are guaranteed to please. Pre-seasoned and slow-roasted to perfection according to our chef's proprietary recipes, our Cooked Meats provide the value and labor-saving convenience you want with the traditional, authentic flavors your patrons love.

Ground beef

From hot tables to haute cuisine, nobody adds more value to ground beef than Cargill

From the tender, juicy flavor and incredible 3+ hour hold time of our TNT™ patties to the premium steakhouse flavor of our Cedar Canyon™ prime rib burger, Cargill offers a complete range of high quality, consistent and delicious ground beef products for every operator and menu.

When you consider our extraordinary expertise and sophisticated processing capabilities, it is no wonder Cargill provides ground beef solutions to many of the largest and most successful distributors and operators in the industry.

Specialty meats

Add some sizzle to your menu

It is easy to make your menu special. If you are looking for quick, convenient ideas that reduce labor costs, look to Cargill. Our line of specialty meats includes everything from our top-seller, chicken-fried steak, to lean, smoky bacon. They are exceptionally easy to add to the menu, because they're so easy to prepare. With Cargill, you could make menu innovation your specialty.

Fresh meats

From elegant entrees to hearty dishes, there is no substitute for the flavor of fresh Cargill meats

When your customers see fresh, premium Cargill meat on your menu, they know they are in for a truly exceptional eating experience. Whether your establishment is known for serving the juiciest steaks or the most flavorful roasts, you can depend on Cargill to deliver the finest certified meat brands that support and enhance your reputation.


Certified Angus Beef® is a registered trademark of Certified Angus Beef LLC.

Cargill Beef products are available in the United States and worldwide where beef imports are allowed.