C*iCoat™ bio-polymer products for coating colors

As part of our continuous effort to provide the paper industry with innovative solutions, Cargill introduces CC-star star graphic greyiCoat™ a bio-polymer combining high cold solubility with high binding power. 

Previously, bio-polymer binders introduced water to coating color systems, but this restricted the maximum coating solids and compromised paper surface quality.

Made from renewable resources, CC-star star graphic greyiCoat™ also confirms Cargill’s commitment to the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. 

Cargill’s patented CC-star star graphic greyiCoat™ bio-polymer products for coating colors are a new generation of performance additives that are designed to:

Lower costs

  • By providing an even higher potential for 1:1 replacement of latex
  • By reducing drying energy by realizing coating solids levels previously unattainable

Improve paper quality

  • By better coverage and improved optical properties due to higher coating solids

Be easy to use

  • The ready-to-use CC-star star graphic greyiCoat™ is added in powder form to the coating color thus eliminating the need for cooking