Coating color and coating paper solutions

Surface characteristics of coated paper play a vital role in paper and print quality. Today, paper products must be designed with optimum surface properties to meet increasing performance requirements. Technological advances (including bigger and faster machines) require new, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products.

Coating color mixes consist of three basic components: pigments, binders and water. The most common natural binder is starch. The Cargill bio-polymer range for use in coating paper allows papermakers to choose from a wide range of tailor-made modified starches for specific solids/viscosity levels, water retention ability and paper quality.

Our recommended products for coated paper applications:

Made from renewable natural resources, C*iFilm™ coating starch is an innovative and unique alternative to synthetic binders stretching the boundaries of latex replacement in your coating applications.

Cargill introduces CC-star star graphic greyiCoat™ a bio-polymer combining high cold solubility with high binding power, offering increased latex replacement potential.

Cargill has successfully developed a modification technique to create a range of CC-star star graphic greyFilm™ starches with a rheology ideal for today’s requirements, including reduced latex usage.



Cargill manufactures industrial starch and related products for paper making, corrugating, adhesive, chemical industry, bio industry and oil drilling applications.