Wet end


Paper wet end roller.The papermaking process involves a complex mix of natural and synthetic polymers, interacting through mechanical shear forces. Cargill’s range of starches for the wet end gives manufacturers greater control over the papermaking process, improving the formation, drainage, retention and strength of the final sheet.

Our skilled application specialists and sales team are ready to perform wet-end audits and find out – together with you – which is the most suitable starch for your process. From our extensive portfolio, no doubt we can find the perfect starch to suit your system!

Our recommended products for wet-end applications

C*Bond™. Cargill C*Bond™ cationic starches are much more than just dry strength additives: they improve the effectiveness of retention, dewatering and sizing chemicals through synergistic action.

C*iBond® wet-end starch improves wet-end performance while optimizing costs. C✩iBond® wet-end starch range has been designed to match modified potato starch performances while remaining a long-term cost effective alternative.

Altra Charge™. Our patented Altra Charge™ products and associated technologies are a new generation of performance additives for demanding wet end systems where efficiency, flexibility, and - most importantly - cost of manufacture, are critically important.


Cargill manufactures industrial starch and related products for paper making, corrugating, adhesive, chemical industry, bio industry and oil drilling applications.