Soft water made easy.

Whether your customers buy pellets, solar, or rock – with or without Iron Fighter® formula – all the salt they need is under one Diamond Crystal® brand. 

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water main 620p

An array of gourmet salts.

For generations, Diamond Crystal® brand salt has been bringing out the true flavor of fresh food. We offer a wide array of premium salts for every use.

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Salt from a living sea.

For over 10 years, Cargill has been the leading supplier of sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean.

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Staying safe from icy slips and falls.

Offering high quality ice melting products with reliable delivery and outstanding support.

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ice melt main 620p

Start with the essentials.

The decision you make now to feed Champion’s Choice® Agricultural Salt products can make a big difference later by helping improve overall animal health and performance.

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cattle main 620p

Taking low-sodium from bland to bravo!

Beyond quality ingredients, Cargill partners with customers to provide innovative concepts and unsurpassed technical support in creating sodium-reduced products.

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