Pro's Pick® Pool Salts

Pro's Pick® Professional Grade, Quick Dissolve, and Instant Dissolve Pool Salts

Because Time = Money!


For pools with salt water chlorinators, spending time watching salt dissolve is wasted time that could be better used to clean another pool.  We understand that for you, less time spent cleaning each pool is more money for your business. 

With four Pro's Pick® Pool Salts, we have the pool salt that's right for you and your customers.

  • Pro’s Pick® Professional Grade Pool Salt:  dissolves faster than most pool salts available at retail.  May need some sweeping.
  • Pro’s Pick® Quick Dissolve Pool Salt:  a finer salt cut that dissolves at a faster rate than Professional Grade.  May need some sweeping.
  • Pro’s Pick® Quick Dissolve Plus Pool Salt:  the same cut as Quick Dissolve, only with an anti-caking additive.
  • Pro’s Pick® Instant Dissolve Pool Salt:  the fastest dissolving salt, unlike anything sold on the market today.  Unlikely to need sweeping.  When placed in the deep end of the pool at the right proportions to water volume, the salt will dissolve before hitting the bottom of the pool.

Fast-dissolving, high purity salts like Pro's Pick® Professional Grade, Quick Dissolve, Quick Dissolve Plus, and Instant Dissolve Pool Salt are recommended by manufacturers of salt water chlorinators for pools. 

  • Over 99.8% soluble, dissolving quickly and evenly to get your customers and guests back into the pool faster.
  • A safe alternative to chemical pool chlorine, providing the same level of clean at a lower chlorine level.
  • Less salt in the pool than found in a human teardrop.
  • Over 99% salt purity levels.


Availability:40 lb poly bags with two Easy-2-Handle® handles.
(Professional Grade also available in a 20kg poly bag for use in Canada)
Documents:Product Sell Sheet - Professional Grade
Product Sell Sheet - Quick Dissolve
Product Sell Sheet - Quick Dissolve Plus
Product Sell Sheet - Instant Dissolve
Material Safety Data Sheet

Available at select pool dealers.