Cargill in Colombia

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Cargill began operating in Colombia in 1966. Over the years Cargill’s activities have included coffee and cocoa, fertilizer, and grain and oilseeds. Today, Cargill employs more than 100 employees in two locations. Our current activities include grain and oilseeds marketing as well as animal nutrition pre-mix products and nutrition services from Provimi.


1966  Cargill enters Colombia with focus on grain merchandising
 With its purchase of ACLI Cocoa and ACLI Coffee, Cargill enters the Colombian coffee and cocoa markets
1986  Cargill purchases Compañía Cafetera de Manizales
1991 Cargill builds fertilizer plant in Buenaventura
2000  Cargill sells coffee business
2002 Cargill sells fertilizer business
2011 Cargill’s acquisition of Provimi, a world leader in premix and animal nutrition services, includes operations in Bogotá and Funza