Cargill in Paraguay

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Cargill began our operations in Paraguay in 1978 with the commercialization of farming products and by-products. Today, Cargill Paraguay is active in purchasing, processing, exporting, importing, and customer services. Our products and current services concentrate on grains, oils, flours, fertilizers, financial services, freight services and storage. 

We currently have the largest installed capacity for processing oilseeds and are one of the largest grain exporters in the country. We lead in the rankings of Paraguay's exporters. 

Our headquarters are located in the city of Minga Guazú – Alto Paraná. 

Products and Services 


Cargill Paraguay commercializes more than 1.3 million tons of soy, wheat and corn a year. This volume is a little more than 30 percent of the total harvest of the country. 

The origination team works in close contact with farmers assisting them throughout the production chain. We have 20 country elevators spread all over the farming region of the country. 


Cargill Paraguay has a factory that processes 900,000 tons of soy a year, thus having the largest installed capacity in Paraguay. Soy flours with a high protein content, soy fiber and soy degummed oil are in this output.

Our processing business holds an international food safety certification for continuous commitment to health. The quality of the proteic flours produced entitles it to acceptance on the most demanding markets around the world. Almost all of the production of proteic flour and degummed oil is exported using a port of its own and another, which it operates exclusively. 

We are a leader in the responsible care of the environment, which has earned us recognition from other industrial companies in Paraguay. 

Risk Management and Finance 

Cargill’s financial department incorporates the following services to its customers: 

  • Options for payment services to customers: 
    • Account-to-account on-line electronic transfer
    • Electronic transfer abroad and to other banks 
    • Payments with checks at the storing branches in the country’s interior 
    • Transactions with warrants 
  • Credits: 
    • Financing soy harvest: in cash and with fertilizers 
    • Financing wheat/corn harvest: with fertilizers 
    • Financing under long-term soy contract
  • Direct assistance to the customer for the following enquiries: 
    • Payment transactions
    • Bank Transactions 
  • Financial Investments: 
    • Fixed deposits 
    • Call deposits 

Cargill in Paraguay carries out the activities of importing and distributing. Through this transaction, which is a strategy to achieve the company’s goals such as the storing of grains, we are offering a service to the customer at the same time. We offer an interlinked service, which makes the customer feel confident in the transaction performed with the company. Besides offering products for services, we focus on the quality and satisfaction of agricultural business.