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iQuatic™ is a mobile data application that syncs to a live farm operations dashboard providing real-time insights and predictive analytics. The tool allows for greater decision making on what is occurring within your farm by capturing data such as animal size, dissolved oxygen levels, and weather into models to solve challenging questions or problems.



Who we are

Who we are

iQuatic™ driven by Cargill is the first cloud-based platform in the industry to help shrimp producers gain real-time visibility into their farm operations.

What we do

What we do

We have developed a technology that captures data pond-side through mobile devices, sensors, and automated feeders in real time. A live operations dashboard view of pond status and shrimp growth allows biologists to proactively manage risk like never before.

Future of Aquaculture

Future of aquaculture

Using machine learning, our dashboard predicts production outcomes and maximizes profits by combining production data with environmental data. As more data is gathered, the technology self-learns to offer better insights and recommendations on feeding schedules, risk mitigation and optimal harvest periods.

Our Products

iQShrimp Software

  • Mobile Application and Live Operations Dashboard
  • Farm Maps with color-coded warnings
  • A digital record of field and laboratory health diagnostics 
  • Customizable analytic and reporting dashboards
  • Historical cycle import
  • Company, Farm, Zone, and Pond level reports
  • Traceability from hatchery to processor
  • Customizable feed tables
  • Implementation Services
  • International Consultancy 

iQShrimp Software + Hardware

  • Water quality sensors, automatic feeders, integrated with software
  • Automated deployment of your customizable feed tables
  • Automated collection of feed delivered by pond
  • Automated collection of water quality sensors reading
  • Implementation Services
  • International Consultancy 

Why choose iQuatic?

Increase efficiency of data management

Visualize what’s happening on your farm

Automate mobile data collection 

Make insights-driven decisions 

Go digital

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