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Real World Performance and Cost Savings

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Curious to learn how our Anova® Rejuvenator adds value? Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say instead.


Our eBook contains examples of how projects around the world are incorporating our Anova Rejuvenator. Download to learn about projects like:

  • How one of the busiest airports in Europe decided to implement a higher percentage of RAP because of the Anova Rejuvenator.

  • Cargill's bio-based rejuvenator became the best option for a RAP pilot program.

  • The testing of the Anova Rejuvenator in a BMD framework, passing the test with flying colors, and resulting in significant cost savings.

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Estimate the cost savings you can experience by implementing the Anova® Asphalt Rejuvenators with our Cost Savings Calculator.


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Asphalt Solutions: Full line of bio-based rheology modifiers, rejuvenators, cold mix solutions, warm mix additives, anti-strip additives and emulsifiers.

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