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asphalt rejuvenator by cargill

Asphalt Rejuvenators

Anova Asphalt Rejuvenators: reversing the impact of aging on pavement.

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Pavements continually oxidize and age during their performance life, leading to durability issues as a result of increased stiffness, brittleness, and a lower ability to relax stress.

Asphalt Rejuvenators can help restore performance in a wide range of pavement types and in pavement preservation applications:

  • High RAP and RAS mixtures with up to 100% RAP, while reducing construction temperatures
  • Rejuvenating asphalt emulsions for surface seals and cold in place recycling
  • Oils and emulsified oils for hot in place recycling and surface rejuvenating applications

Cargill Asphalt Pavement Preservation

Backed by more than 60 years of technical expertise in bio-based chemistry, Anova® Rejuvenators make a proven impact on asphalt pavements containing highly aged RAP and RAS binder

A partnership with Cargill provides your business an undeniable advantage. We offer you a proven record of support from our state-of-the-art asphalt applications lab.

Cargill’s unique support system starts with materials evaluation, trial assistance, plant implementation and integration.

Our asphalt rejuvenation support then continues through quality assurance and ongoing support, meaning you can count on us to provide the expertise and chemistries required to meet your toughest challenges.


Cost Savings Calculator

Adjust the target RAP percentage and raw material prices you would like to explore for your rejuvenated mix and see how it compares to a typical mix of 20% RAP and 5% Target AC.




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  • Successfully used in pavements with up to 100% RAP usage
  • Enables reduction in mix costs through the use of higher recycled content
  • Functions as a compaction aid - reduce required compaction temperature by at least 40F, even in high RAP pavements
  • Enhances low temperature cracking resistance of asphalt mixtures
  • Does not negatively impact rutting resistance of rejuvenated RAP mixture
  • High flash point (in excess of 240°C/460°F) compared to petroleum-based bitumen rejuvenators, allowing safer handling without changing current processes
  • Low VOCs and low volatile mass loss (as measured by the Rolling Thin Film Oven)
  • Rejuvenators can enable efficient infrastructure investments, helping to improve pavement sustainability – reducing costs, increasing recycled content and supporting communities. 

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Rejuvenators and Recycled Asphalt - Watch the Video


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With desert temperatures and metropolitan traffic, the City of Phoenix faces an ongoing challenge – brittle asphalt. When approached by Solterra Materials, the City decided to pursue the utilization of RAP in its asphalt mixes. In the following case study, learn more about how Cargill helped the City of Phoenix drive performance, cost, and environmental benefits with the incorporation of RAP. 

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