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Blended and Packed Vegetable Oil Products

Regional availability: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Blended products

We are proud to offer a flexible blending capability for oils and fats, which provides customers with several important benefits:

  • Reduction of their complexity and storage requirements. Soap producers, for example, require both lauric oil and palm oil, and we can supply a pre-blend to the customer’s specific recipe.
  • Optimal technical performance. Through blending and formulation, we can achieve the correct physical properties and performance characteristics for your application. This includes such parameters as melting point and profile, lubricating properties, texture and fatty acid composition.
  • Cost savings. When a blend achieves the desired product performance at lower overall cost.

A minimum order quantity is applied to blended products. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Packed products

We offer many products in a packed form. This is highly appreciated by customers that wish to perform production and scale-up trials, require only small quantities at a time, or would like to eliminate or avoid the use of heated storage tanks.

Liquid products

We can supply many liquid vegetable oils and blends in 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). Smaller packaging units are available for some products, please discuss your specific requirements with your local Sales Manager or send us a mail enquiry.

Waxes and fats

Waxes and fats with melting points in the range of about 30°C to 52°C can be supplied in polyethylene film-lined carton boxes with unit weights in the range 10 to 25kg, on standard film-wrapped pallets and with customized labelling. In the warmer months, refrigerated transportation is used to prevent compression and distortion of the carton boxes due to softening of the product. For selected higher melting waxes, we can offer powder, prill or flake form.

A minimum order quantity is applied to box-packed and finished products, please contact us with your specific requirements.

The products and services described on this website may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all persons.