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Industrial Glucose Syrups

Glucose syrups are a cost efficient refined renewable base material for many industrial applications. Glucose syrups are derived from starch. Cargill offers a broad range of glucose products that vary in dry solids content, the degree of starch hydrolysis and sugar profile.

The degree of starch hydrolysis and sugar profile are expressed in the DE (dextrose equivalents) number. Glucose syrups have a DE number ranging from 20 to 100. Their chemical structure also allow their use as a component of water-soluble resins and as an extender for water soluble resins.

For fermentation processes of particular interest is the FermaGold® product range, which are glucose syrups that contain a high amount of either dextrose or maltose. 


  • C*Sweet
  • C*Dry
  • FermaGold


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