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Liquid Borax and Additives

Liquid borax

Due to its components, Cargill’s liquid borax has a clear advantage over solid borax-penta/deca-hydrate in its penetration behavior, which can result in lower glue consumption. Besides this, it is easier and safer to handle.

Two different types of liquid borax have been developed, with and without biocide. We recommend using the former (with biocide), because this provides good viscosity stability over time, and there is minimal risk of bacterial or fungicidal growth.

Water resistant bonding additives

We offer different types of products, all providing “Fefco 9” water resistance (if applied correctly to the corrugator). With environmental issues firmly on the business agenda, our products do not contain "free formaldehyde". We also supply two types with a film-forming agent, for machine speed reasons.

In our portfolio, we also have a one-bag mix, containing a solid water resistant additive that can also be supplied separately.

It is known that water resistant products influence the viscosity and gel-point of a corrugating adhesive. Adaptations to the carrier starch and the caustic level of the glue are therefore always needed.

Cargill’s newest development in this area is a product that can be dosed at the machine, and has no influence on viscosity and gel-point. Besides a significant cost saving, this brings the added advantage of "fresh" application of water resistance, as it is known that glue loses functionality if kept too long.

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