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NatureWax® Vegetable Waxes - North America

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NatureWax® - North American Product Portfolio

Recommended Use


Candle Waxes


Botanical Origin


 Wax Properties

Tarts/Melts Containers
& Scented

Tea lights (poured

& pressed)
DP IV Col Y Col R
  C-1 Soy/Palm 52 52 15 1.5
  C-3 Soy 52 52 20 2
  C-6 Soy/Coconut 52 52 20 2
  Elite 200 Soy/Palm 54 42 ND ND
      Elite 460 Soy/Palm 54 ND ND ND
    Elite 300 Palm 57 5 ND ND
  S-113* Soy 45 ND 15 1.5
  Elite 400* Soy 48 ND 15 1.5
  S-130* Soy 54 ND 15 1.5
  ST-130* Soy 54 ND 15 1.5
  P-110* Palm 33 ND 35 3.5
  P-130* Palm 54 ND 35 3.5
  Coconut Oil* Coconut 22 ND 20 2.0
  Coconut 1 Coconut 33 ND 20 2.0
  Coconut 2 Coconut/Soy 43 ND 15 1.5

* documents available upon request


DP:  Typical drop point in °C
IV:  Typical iodine value in gI/100g
COL Y:  Maximum color, yellow values in Lovibond 5 ¼ “ cell
COL R:  Maximum color, red values in Lovibond 5 ¼ “ cell
ND:  Not determined / not specified


NatureWax vegetable wax applications

Church lights: Also Church Lights known as 'Grave lights,' our NatureWax vegetable waxes are well suited to the production process, and to the long burn-time requirements of this candle type. The waxes can be blended with soft paraffin grades; for a fully vegetable-based candle, the 635-41 grade is recommended.

Getting consistently great results from your vegetable wax

There are many advantages to using vegetable wax in the place of paraffin. If you’re new to vegetable waxes, they generally require some modification to candle production processes originally designed for paraffin waxes, but don’t worry, we have compiled a few tips, tricks, and a little science to help get consistent results and the most out of NatureWax candle wax.

Where to buy your wax

If you need recommendations on which wax to use, availability in your part of the world or need help a little help pouring the perfect candle, our global network of NatureWax distributors is here to help. You’ll be able to find a distributor who can help here.



Technical support

Cargill’s NatureWax® Technical Support Team has expertise in a variety of waxes (vegetable, paraffin, microcrystalline) and can provide additional services to support your growing requirements:

Formulation development and trial run support

Custom blends

Analytical testing

Operational optimization

Performance testing & troubleshooting

Process Manufacturing support through

  • Cooling studies
  • Cooling curve analyses
  • Lab to pilot to production scale-up



NatureWax is sold in North America through these select distributors. For a complete list of worldwide distributors click here.

777 108th Ave NE
Suite 1750
Bellevue, WA 98004
[email protected]

For a list of additional resellers through Bioleic, please use this website.

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