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Paper & Packaging

High performance solutions for the paper and packaging industry

Influenced by new environmental regulations, a growing urban population and e-commerce expansion, the paper and packaging industry is becoming increasingly dynamic. Demand is stronger than ever for agile and efficient paper and packaging production that can deliver higher quality at lower cost. Starch technologies have a key role to play in enabling paper and packaging manufacturers to capture the opportunities of this fast-paced market.

For more than 40 years, Cargill has been an integral player in this industry, working closely with our customers to understand their needs and develop top-performing solutions with them. Our deep expertise and research capacity in industrial starches and their application in the paper and packaging industry make it possible. We’re ready to respond to changes in the industry with new ideas that help our customers thrive.

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Cargill`s broad range of rheology modifiers, native and modified starch-based adhesives are able to improve bonding and stability performance resulting in superior runnability and board performance.

Paper & Board Making

Top performance products for wet-end production phase, surface treatment and board coating applications partnered with our unique technical know-how.

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