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C☆iFilm™ Coating Starches

Stretching the boundaries of latex replacement

C✩iFilm™ coating starch is a genuine alternative to synthetic binders that pushes the boundaries of latex replacement technology in paper making.

Made from renewable natural resources, C✩iFilm™ coating starch greatly improves the coating colour rheology in formulations which allows for higher latex replacement ratios and the reduction of additives.

C✩iFilm™ coating starch is a unique solution offering you significant production cost savings while maintaining paper quality.

C✩iFilm™ can help your business by

Optimizing production processes

  • C✩iFilm™ extends the coating performance with a wider working range than traditional coating starch.
  • C✩iFilm™ optimizes binding power and allows for increased latex replacement in a coating formulation, without affecting the efficiency of the blade coater.
  • C✩iFilm™ has a better stability compared to traditional coating starch, allowing for higher starch solids without affecting the production process
  • C✩iFilm™ provides rheological benefits with a low coating colour high-shear viscosity that enables higher starch addition rates in formulations, without compromising the binding process.

Improving your production cost

  • C✩iFilm™ is an innovative product that generates up to 1M€ savings per year.

  • C✩iFilm™ allows you to further optimize the coating color solids in formulations by replacing traditional synthetic binders.

  • C✩iFilm™ enables 25% higher starch utilization than your current process with classical coating starch.

  • C✩iFilm™ reduces the risk of MSP misting or bleeding at a blade tip, which improves both paper quality and production processes. 

Supporting a greener paper making process

Produced with environmentally responsible processes, C✩iFilmTM starch supports environmental management practices. Made from renewable resources, this cost-effective solution allows you to replace traditional petroleum-dependant binders with an environmentally sustainable product, supporting a greener paper making process.

Optimizing the binding concept

C✩iFilm™ coating starch is a real alternative to traditional petroleum based binders and is now used by many in the paper industry. Its technical properties and benefits show huge potential for using just one product for a wide range of applications, including offset and rotogravure.