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Expertise and products to help our corrugating customers thrive

Growing competition. Tougher environmental regulations. Wider and faster corrugating and converting equipment. The corrugating industry is changing, and manufacturers are coming up with ways to meet new challenges as they arise. Cargill has the expertise and experience to help our corrugating customers thrive in this changing landscape.

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C☆RheM Adhesive Rheology Modifier

C☆RheM Adhesive Rheology Modifier is based on renewable materials designed to reduce starch consumption and drying energy use.


RHEMCORR™ Flow Enhancer

RHEMCORR™ Flow Enhancer is a modifier for starch-based corrugating adhesive, allowing reduced adhesive consumption while maintaining bond quality.

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Coromat iFlex Glue Kitchen

Coromat iFlex Glue Kitchen is a compact, fully automated corrugating adhesive preparation system.



With SimCorrugator® simulate real production environments to evaluate energy, starch, chemical and water usage, plus carbon emissions, throughout the board manufacturing process.


Cross-Linked and Carrier Starches

Cross-linked starches provide greater wet-bond strength and carrier starches improve glue penetration.

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Deep application expertise

Cargill has been involved in the corrugating industry since the beginning. Since starch was first used as an adhesive, Cargill has provided innovative industrial starch solutions to the corrugated board industry. Our skilled specialists and sales force are poised to help customers find the most effective adhesives and glue preparation system to achieve a superior paper bonding and corrugated board quality.

State-of-the-art research and analysis

We are invested in the corrugating industry, and will continue to strive to improve our understanding, experience and knowledge of industrial starches. We work closely with customers throughout the process of developing corrugating solutions. At our Application and Development Centre, in Krefeld, Germany, our corrugating specialists use state-of-the-art technology for analytical work, from testing of raw materials to final quality control. We have state-of-the-art analytical technology available to support our evaluations, analyze customer samples and solve their production problems.

Confidential collaboration

Close and confidential collaboration has always been a tradition at Cargill. Our experts will continually support our customers’ goals to improve run-ability and profitability, and invite our customers to come and explore all the possibilities that our state-of-the-art application centre facilities and pilot plants have to offer.

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