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Cargill Expands Bio-Based Presence Around the Globe

Performance Technologies and Industrial Chemicals (PTIC) Acquisition

In December 2021, Cargill reached an agreement with Croda to acquire the majority of its Performance Technologies and Industrial Chemicals (PTIC) business. 

The acquisition will greatly expand Cargill's presence in high-growth markets for bio-based solutions in Europe, the United States and Asia. 

Cargill will welcome a global business with production facilities, add new products to its portfolio and employees around the world. Cargill will also acquire an expanded product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities in fast-growth segments including bio-based plastics, automotive applications, bio-based lubricants, high-performance coatings and more. 

With this acquisition, Cargill gains production capabilities for thousands of specialized products in accelerating growth segments, including:

  • Biopolymer additives and building blocks
  • Bio-based lubricants and lubricant additives
  • Nature-derived specialty chemicals used in a variety of markets

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