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Technical Agricultural Alcohol

Regional availability: North America

Technical Agricultural Alcohol is a highly purified product with a characteristic odour. This natural product is produced by fermentation of the sugars, using yeast. The sugars are derived mainly from molasses and grain. After the fermentation process, the ethanol is purified by a multiple distillation and rectification process. 


Technical Agricultural Alcohol is used in the industry as ethylating agent, cleansing agent, as a solvent for gums and resins. Other applications are solvents for ink ingredients, insecticides, anti-freeze, polishing mediums among others.

We are able to denature the Technical Agricultural Alcohol to tailor made conditions.

Production notes

Our technical agricultural alcohol Is not produced from or contain ingredients produced from GMOs within the meaning of Regulation N° 1829/2003 and Is produced according to ISO 9001:2008. For the development and testing of Technical Agricultural Alcohol no animal testing was performed.

Note: Upon mixing with water, the water should be decalcinated in order to prevent hazy or cloudy appearance.