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Data Asset Solutions

Our global knowledge, working for you

It’s a noisy world out there. You need someone who can pierce through the confusion and identify new signals. As one of the largest participants in global supply chains for food, agriculture and metals, our alternative datasets and analytics can help you create insights to answer your most pressing questions and propel your business forward.

Our data advantage

business meeting in an office image As a company doing business with hundreds of thousands of farmers and customers in more than 125 countries, we have an immense number of touchpoints with the world. Perhaps more than anyone else in food, agriculture, transportation and metals. These touchpoints add up to alternative datasets – unique from traditional, publicly available datasets – that represent a strong source of value for our clients.

We have harnessed the power of that data across Cargill, with more than 100 data scientists and analysts embedded within our operations and trading teams all around the globe. Having seen what our alternative datasets can show us about supply chains, consumer demand and market behavior, we have changed how we run our businesses. Now, we are putting that advantage to work for our clients, too.

We have been generating revenue from our data since 2017, making us one of the first companies in our sectors to do so. With that proven track record, we are now working with select corporate clients to help them make the most of their data, as well. We balance stringent data privacy controls with open innovation to create value together through market analysis, proprietary datasets and collaborative perspectives. It all adds up to an unmatched network of data solutions that give our clients a distinctive and unrivaled view of the world.


Custom-built solutions for your needs

We use our alternative data assets and in-house expertise to curate products for each client based on the questions they are trying to answer.

The solutions we build are designed just for you, backed by our broad reach and deep expertise.

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Proprietary analytics

We give you access to the work and expertise of our hundreds of market analysts and data scientists, providing data and analytics that you can put to use right away.

For example, clients turn to us for comprehensive, pre-processed weather data that they can easily deploy for a variety of modeling purposes. Slice it, dice it or query it however you want. Plus, we can provide additional scoring from our analysts conveying their sentiment about that weather’s impact on crop production or other outcomes.


Operations data

We can deliver high volumes of raw data from all along our extensive global supply chains, from every major production area through global shipping to consumer demand centers. These datasets give you leading visibility into market evolutions that are otherwise hard to spot.

For example, our global agricultural supply chain operations can help clients evaluate emerging trends in grain market prices. These anonymized and aggregated data points, including prices, volumes, and locations, can help clients anticipate changing sentiment in cash markets. We provide datasets like these in formats that are easy for your team to put into action. 


How will both fundamentals and disruptive drivers affect global supply chains? Our senior commodities traders receive distilled expert analysis, and now select clients can receive them, too, tailored to help them answer the questions that matter most to them.

For example, consumer-facing brands use these products to better understand key ingredient risks like price exposures, inflation, supply availability and more. These reports are delivered regularly through straightforward commentary, so you can zero in on just the right drivers and filter out the noise.


How we work with you

Each of our clients’ needs are distinct. We build a bespoke set of solutions that give you unique visibility and truly create value for your business. To do this, we start with a flexible trial approach and iterate quickly to find the best pathway forward.

Our process includes strict protocols around data privacy, security and compliance. It’s built on a desire to protect all our clients and our value of doing the right thing. Because we know that trust is the one thing that is priceless. As early Cargill leader John MacMillan said,

“Our word is our bond.”

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Our Clients

Jason Vogt on the HC Insider PodcastClick here to listen to HC Insider Podcast We bring forward-thinking companies together to connect with data opportunities for their businesses.

Data Clients

The clients who make use of our data and analytics products represent a number of sectors, including finance, food and agriculture, insurance, life sciences, sustainability services, and more. We help them access alternative data from within Cargill, across our global supply chains and from our corporate clients who have joined us to monetize their own data. This creates lines of sight our data clients can’t get anywhere else.

Corporate Clients

These leading corporations have joined with us to develop alternative data products from their own data assets and make them available with ours, to give our data clients an even more comprehensive view of the world. Corporate clients include large companies with significant datasets in agriculture, food, transportation, metals and more.

When it comes to digital transformations, we believe that data monetization is a key component to realizing the full value of the investment. Working with Cargill gives these corporate clients new pathways to create revenue streams from their data, while also potentially providing them with our own market views and projections. Additionally, we develop innovative business models with these companies to exchange data and analytics back and forth, creating bigger opportunities and deeper visibility for both of us.

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