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2022 Cargill World Mycotoxin Report

  • Today, Cargill offers the world’s largest, most comprehensive mycotoxin contamination database with more than 300,000 analyses run from around the globe each year.

  • Download Cargill’s 2022 World Mycotoxin Report here.



Nutrition has a powerful and meaningful impact on an animal’s health. Mycotoxins in feed ingredients at certain risk levels can threaten animal well-being if not effectively managed, weakening animal immune systems and elevating their sensitivity to pathogens.

Cargill has collected and compiled mycotoxin contamination reports for years. As we have received more questions and interest in changing mycotoxin contamination levels from around the globe, Cargill has published the first-ever Cargill Global Mycotoxins Report which gives a detailed look at mycotoxin contamination levels across countries, regions, and the globe in 2022.

The Key to Getting Started: Consistent Testing

Harnessing the power of 300,000+ analyses run annually, Cargill works closely with customers to build a customized mycotoxin control strategy. Through Cargill’s targeted application approach, we help customize mycotoxin mitigation strategies based on the toxins present in raw ingredients. Each partnership begins with building a plan for regular on-farm testing. We recommend consistent testing to accurately quantify and monitor mycotoxins present in ingredients and the risk level – low, medium, or high – for all six key mycotoxins: Aflatoxin, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, T2 toxin, Vomitoxin and Zearalenone.

Risk Management Powered by Data

Based on 2022 data, it’s safe to assume that raw ingredients are contaminated more often than not: 75% of analyses run in 2022 were contaminated with mycotoxins. But more important is knowing if the contamination is above performance risk thresholds; just 39% of analyses run in 2022 reached these levels. 

Not only can we help build customized mycotoxin mitigation strategies, but Cargill also evaluates both worldwide trends and mycotoxin risk information for customers. Success in the battle against mycotoxins is driven by developing informed and targeted plans that quickly identify and anticipate mycotoxin threat levels while minimizing individual risk. Based on our extensive risk management expertise, Cargill Animal Nutrition helps customers implement the right mycotoxin mitigation strategy at the right place and the right time based on local and global data and trends. 

Your Trusted Partner to Understand Mycotoxins Risk

With first-hand expertise, a robust suite of anti-mycotoxins agents, and a unique perspective across the value chain, Cargill offers customers a comprehensive and tried-and-true targeted approach to mycotoxin mitigation – a strategy that we have successfully implemented for more than a decade. Cargill helps farmers, feed formulators, and nutritionists combat mycotoxins each step of the way through customized, risk-based mycotoxin control strategies. The result: profitable operations that adjust quickly to shifting environmental conditions and changing mycotoxin distributions, to better promote healthy, and productive animals. 

To learn more, reach out to [email protected] or review the 2022 Cargill World Mycotoxin Report here.