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Chocolatology by Cargill

The sensory science of great chocolate.

What is the perfect level of crunch?

Order your free sample of big chunks to discover how they can impact your products' taste, texture and success.

It is where art and science meet to create innovative new chocolate textures, tastes and creations.

Like big chunks – our rich chunks of quality Belgian chocolate are transformed into the ideal ratio of flavour and crunch following our craft of Chocolatology. It is the culmination of our combined sensory experience and expertise in chocolate over the years. And it is how we continue to create exciting, delicious solutions for our customers…time and again.

Because, chocolate means a lot to us. And we want to share that excitement with you. That is how Chocolatology came about.

Chocolatology by Cargill: exploring delicious new ideas together.


Order your sample of big chunks now!

N.B. Samples are limited to food manufacturers based in Europe (countries listed above), who purchase a minimum of 50 metric tons of chocolate annually from any supplier.

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