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Chocolatology by Cargill

The sensory science of great chocolate.

What is the perfect level of crunch?

Order your free sample of big chunks to discover how they can impact your products' taste, texture and success.

Also available in:  German

Consumers are looking for more and more innovative chocolate products. That is why we have developed the craft of Chocolatology – blending art and science to develop solutions that both bring to life consumer senses whilst also meeting the precise technical requirements you have. We want to share our craft of Chocolatology with you and are happy to let you experience the first new product we created with this blend of science and sensorial expertise: rich chunks of quality Belgian chocolate that meet the ideal ratio of flavor and crunch. These chunks are the answer to a growing demand for more texture in end products and can therefore help you deliver more consumer-relevant products.

Would you like to experiment with the latest texture and flavor combinations in our range of inclusions? Are you looking for a delicious addition to your ice-cream, brownie or biscuit? Order a sample of our big chunks (available in milk and dark chocolate) to try for yourself how an extra crunch can boost your product’s taste, texture and success.

Order your sample of big chunks now!

N.B. Samples are limited to food manufacturers based in Europe (countries listed above), who purchase a minimum of 50 metric tons of chocolate annually from any supplier.

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