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Cargill enters a commercial partnership with Voyage Foods

Chocolate partnershipInge Demeyere, Managing Director of bakery, ice cream and chocolate confectionery Europe at Cargill and Voyage Foods CEO and Founder Adam Maxwell signing the partnership agreement.

Cargill has announced a commercial partnership with Voyage Foods. This innovative start-up offers a patented technology for replicating favorite foods in ways that are particularly more sustainable and delicious, such as chocolate and nut spreads without their traditional ingredients – cocoa, peanuts & hazelnuts.

Cargill is the exclusive B2B global distributor for Voyage Foods’ cocoa-free confectionery and spreads with no nuts nor dairy used in the recipe formulation.

Voyage Foods’ new innovative product line will further expand Cargill’s comprehensive portfolio for indulgence that includes chocolate, coatings and fillings, starches & sweeteners, and oils & fats for bakery, ice cream and chocolate confectionery categories. This solution offers an option for customers who are looking for increased flexibility or alternatives to cocoa- or nut- based products.

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Chocolate partnership chocolatePhoto by Voyage Foods / Andria Lo Ingredients in the cocoa-free confectionery – made from a blend of grape seeds, sunflower protein flour, RSPO-certified palm oil and shea kernel oil –harness the power of maximizing the value of raw materials from farmers.

Thanks to Voyage Foods’ patented technology, this cocoa-free confectionery delivers a great sensorial experience with even more sustainable claims* including up to 67% reduction in carbon footprint, 90% lower land-use-related impacts and 95% lower water footprint than conventional chocolate.* ** 

These confectionery solutions are also vegan, label-friendly, and produced with no nut or dairy allergens used in the recipe formulation.

US-based Voyage Foods was founded in 2021 on the idea that good food should be particularly more sustainable, and delicious. Only a year after Voyage’s founding, the team began scaling its products for commercialization across retail, foodservice & B2B channels and continued developing their proprietary food technology.

This partnership with Voyage Foods is one example of how Cargill is developing, a range of future-proof products to meet pressing consumer demands and market regulations when it comes to even more sustainable options.

For more information on Voyage Foods and their technology:

*Results presented indicate the upper bounds of reductions across the alternative products assessed when compared to conventional chocolate. For conventional chocolate products a representative commercial product with similar manufacturing conditions are determined. This is not intended to represent the totality of the chocolate industry but rather a realistic market average for indicative comparative assertations.
**The underlying LCA study incorporates the European Commission-recommended PEF impact assessment method and is 3rd party panel review for ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006 conformance.

“Alternatives to cocoa-based products are a great accompaniment to the traditional chocolate solutions that Cargill offers its customers. This partnership is just one of the many ways that we are future-proofing our portfolio and meeting consumer demands and market regulations around sustainability and health.”  Read the full press release Inge Demeyere Managing Director of Indulgence Europe at Cargill