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Clear Valley® Shortening & Oils

Maximizing performance. 

Clear Valley® High Oleic Canola Frying Oils, sunflower oil and shortening products delight customers with superior taste and nutrition. They feature zero grams trans fat per serving1 and low levels of saturated fat. They maximize profitability in your kitchen—allowing you to fry longer and change your oil less often.

ClearValleyClear Valley® High Oleic Canola Frying Oil

  • A highly versatile canola oil delivering a pure, clean taste and a favorable nutrition profile
  • Ideal for hot and cold menu applications—including sautéing, baking, sauces and dressings
  • Long fry life, high food to oil ratio—less time changing oil for lower ingredient costs
  • Zero grams trans fat per serving1 and lowest levels of saturated fat


Clear Valley® Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil

  • Delivers stability in high heat applications for outstanding performance across a wide range of menu items.
  • Expeller pressed—made from non-GMO seeds2
  • Clear ValleyNatural stability—extracted without chemicals
  • Rich golden appearance—foods sizzle up beautifully
  • Light nutty, sunflower flavor for patron appeal


Clear Valley® High Oleic Sunflower Oil

  • Multi-purpose oil offering high flexibility for discriminating chefs
  • High stability without hydrogenation
  • Clean flavor profile
  • High heat tolerance and long fry life—less time changing oil for lower ingredient costs
  • Supports non-GMO labeled menu items2


Clear Valley® All Purpose Shortening

  • A high-performing shortening matching the functionality, mouthfeel and stability of conventional shortenings
  • Versatility and efficiency—save money with one solution for biscuits, cakes, pies, cookies and pastries
  • Favorable nutritional profile for baked goods
  • Zero grams trans fat per serving1 and low levels of saturated fat
Material # Product Pack Size Case/Pallet Tie High Net Case Weight Gross Case Weight Shelf Life
100087247 High Oleic Canola Frying OIl 35# JIB 60 3x20 35# 36.72# 270 days
100087054 Clear Valley® One Cooking and Frying Oil 35# JIB 60 3x20 35# 36.72# 270 days
100089346 High Oleic Sunflower OIl Twin Pack 45 3x15 35# 37.60# 270 days
110022983 Expeller Pressed Sunflower Oil 3/1 Gallon 64 4x16 23.04# 24.42# 270 days
100087320 All Purpose Shortening 50# Cube 64 4x16 23.1# 25# 270 days


Kosher Certiļ¬cation
Clear Valley® High Oleic Canola Oils, Sunflower Oil and Shortening are Kosher Certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU).

1 Clear Valley® high oleic canola oils, sunflower oil and shortening meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for labeling as zero grams trans fat per serving. See Nutritional Facts panel for total fat and saturated fat content.

2 FDA has not defined “non-GMO”. The labeling, substantiation and decision making of all claims for your products is your responsibility.




To learn more, call your foodservice customer service representative at 877-376-6250 or email [email protected].