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Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® Olive Oils

The first and last name in olive oil is the first and ONLY choice for culinary professionals.

From the countryside of Lucca in the Tuscany region of Italy, to the finest kitchens across the globe, Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® olive oil has over a 150-year-long reputation for satisfying the most discriminating palates and demanding culinary professionals. Today, the Filippo Berio legacy remains the gold standard against which all olive oils are measured. Not just in his hometown of Lucca, but around the world, where professional chefs can now add his passion, artistry and commitment to their own pursuit of culinary excellence.

The olive oil component in Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® olive and vegetable oil blends meets or exceeds International Olive Council (IOC) standards and protocols.

Kosher Certification
Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® oils are Kosher Certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU).

Filippo Berio® and Filippo Berio Culinary Selection® are trademarks of SALOV S.p.A., used under license.

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