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Harvest Provisions™ Cooked Meats

Harvest Provisions™ offers a variety of protein products to fit your menu, from fully cooked Center of the Plate items to Ready-to-Cook Turkey Breasts, as well as Deli Turkey, Beef, and Ham products.

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Center of the Plate – A smarter way to entrée.

Menuing high-end entrees doesn’t have to require high-cost labor or cumbersome prep. Choose fully cooked Harvest Provisions™ Center of the Plate products to create standout offerings that take your menu in exciting new directions.

  • Succulent prime rib you can customize with your own seasonings and serve hot or cold – pre-cooked and ready to portion
  • Tender, juicy beef pot roast with savory flavor and homestyle appeal
  • Versatile shredded beef plus distinctive pork selections that make the ideal signature items for your restaurant
  • Turkey pot roast offerings with satisfying taste and a wholesome halo, appealing to nutrition-conscious patrons

All items are FULLY COOKED to help you:

  • Avoid cross contamination and other food safety risks
  • Give your customers a consistently exceptional taste experience
  • Simplify prep and keep your labor costs down

Our products

Savory selections for scratch-style cooking

Whether you’re running an upscale carving station for catered events or want to jazz up your holiday menu, choose the scratch-style quality you get with Harvest Provisions™ Ready-to-Cook Turkey Breasts from Cargill. Available in skin-on, skinless and popular forms and sizes, these premium offerings:

  • Are conveniently prepped and ready for you to cook and customize – delivering incredible juiciness, tenderness and flavor
  • Generate consistent cooking results and a tempting roasted appearance
  • Allow you the choice to easily serve lean, wholesome turkey selections for nutrition-conscious patrons
  • Offer valuable versatility for use across your menu

Cook, carve and get creative! Unleash your culinary imagination and use our tender turkey selections:

  • Sliced for hot or cold sandwiches or as a classic entrée with gravy and veggies
  • Cooked and shredded for spicy pulled-barbecue fillings
  • Diced for salads, homestyle soups and lighter fare
  • For special-event carving stations and buffets
  • For smoking – to add distinctive flavor to your menu

To learn more, call your foodservice customer service representative at 800-373-6515 or email [email protected].