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Premium Oils

Increase fry life, save money and boost food quality and consistency with Cargill’s line of premium LBA’s and Oils.

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Explore the rich benefits of premium frying oil

Premium frying oil provides a sensational boost to your fried foods, because of its decreased rate of absorption and neutral flavor profile. This allows your foods to maintain their natural taste, while enjoying the richer texture and appearance frying oils provide. And premium frying oils can mean significant savings over time as you double the length of your oil fry life compared to commodity frying oil—from an average of three to six days.



Liquid Butter Alternative Premium Oil

Extremely functional and designed to bring optimal butter flavor to dishes, Liquid Butter Alternatives give culinary professionals a reliable butter alternative with better shelf life and more consistent pricing. Ideal for sautéing, frying, grilling, dipping sauces and more.



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Oil Management Videos

How To Conduct A Fry Test

Start the test and see the objective benefits of premium frying oils for yourself

Fryer Oil Management Guide

Maximize food quality and minimize labor costs with our guide

How To Properly Filter

Learn how to improve fry life with oil filtration

Liquid Butter Alternative and Pan & Grill Oils

Consider a cost-effective alternative to butter with no cholesterol and zero trans-fat per serving

Enemies of Fryer Oil Management

Know what you’re up against when caring for your fryer

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Product Information

Liquid Butter Alternative vs. Butter Infrographic

Your best choice for outstanding performance, clean ingredients and lower product costs. 


Oils Comparison Sell Sheet

Learn more about why foodservice professionals choose particular oils and the contrasting details among the types of oils.


Crisco Professional® Liquid Butter Alternative Sell Sheet

Featuring simple ingredients, high-heat tolerance and quality performance, this alternative to butter is convenient and cost-effective.


Crisco Professional® Heavy Duty Clear Frying Oil Sell Sheet

Created exclusively for foodservice. Offers superior appearance, appetite appeal and holds well for buffets and take-out orders.


High Oleic Canola Oil Sell Sheet

The high-performing features and premium benefits of high oleic canola oil. Perfect for chef-driven operations.


High Oleic Sunflower Oil Sell Sheet

The high-performing features and premium benefits of high oleic sunflower oil. Perfect for culinary professionals.


Crisco Professional® Family Sell Sheet

The Crisco Professional family of products gives you the perfect combination of flavor and performance with zero grams of trans fat per serving.


Clear Valley® Family Sell Sheet

Maximize performance and share superior taste and nutrition with your customers. With zero grams of trans fats per serving and low levels of saturated fat.


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Back of House Tools

Contact your sales manager or use the form below to request access to these resources.


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Fryer Management Kit

Contains everything you need to manage your frying oils including the oil test kit, stainless steel skimmer, deep fry thermometer and additional troubleshooting tools.

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Oil Test Kit

Convenient four-step frying oil test kit. Instructions included are written in English and Spanish.

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GEOS Oil Management System Wheel

Diagnose frying oil issues with our small plastic tool.

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Bilingual Fryer Management Guide

Laminated wall chart featuring quick tips, dos and don’ts, maintenance check lists and more.

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Cargill Coach™

A fun-to-learn, interactive website designed to streamline employee training and make maximizing fry oil easy.

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Fryer Management Tips for Varying Production Period

When you fry with lower volume, your oil may degrade quicker. Learn how to prevent this waste.

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