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Ultima Premium® Buttery Flavored Oils

Buttery flavor was never this versatile

Extremely functional and designed to bring optimal butter flavor to dishes, Ultima Premium® Buttery Flavored Oils1 give culinary professionals a reliable butter alternative with better shelf life and more consistent pricing. Ideal for sautéing, frying, grilling, dipping sauces and more, great-tasting Ultima Premium products provide the perfect complement to your oil selection.

Ultima premium - buttery flavored oil Ultima Premium® Buttery Flavored Oil1

Creamy, rich savory buttery flavor perfect for grilling, sautéing and dipping sauces

  • Visual appeal—a rich golden color
  • Contains no water—100% usable for better yield and less spattering than butter or margarine
  • A great replacement for liquid margarine—3/4 cup Ultima Premium vs 1 cup liquid margarine
  • Salted for added flavor
  • No refrigeration required


Ultima Premium® Buttery Garlic Flavored Oil

The creamy, rich savory buttery flavor of Ultima Premium Buttery Flavored Oil with added garlic flavor

  • Visual appeal—a rich golden color
  • I Ultima deal for grilling, sautéing and dipping sauces
  • Especially well-suited for shrimp dishes and garlic bread


Ultima Premium® Buttery Flavored Pan & Grill

Buttery flavor in a salt-free formulation that prevents grill pitting

  • Non-stick formula keeps your pan and grill operation running smoothly
  • Non-darkening, non-scorch formula maximizes eye appeal


Liquid Butter Alternative vs. Butter

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Liquid butter alternative -img

SAP # Product Pack Size Case/Pallet Tie High Net Case Weight Gross Case Weight Shelf Life
100087435 Buttery Flavored Oil 3/1 gallon 64 4x16 23.1# 25# 270 days
100087436 Buttery Flavored Oil 35# JIBe 60 3x20 35# 36.72# 270 days
100087645 Buttery Garlic Flavored Oil 3/1 gallon 56 4x14 23.1# 25# 270 days
100087393 Buttery Flavored Pan & Grill 3/1 gallon 64 4x16 23.1# 25# 270 days
110025122 Buttery Flavored Oil Twin Pack 45 3x15 35# 37.60# 270 days

Kosher Certification
Ultima Premium® oils are Kosher Certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU).

1 Artificially flavored


To learn more, call your foodservice customer service representative at 877-376-6250 or email [email protected].