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(Special Feature) Cargill Metals Managing Director Lee Kirk: Green steel is the only way to deal with the carbon paradox in the steel industry

November 11, 2022

Environmental degradation is one of the pressing issues facing humanity as extreme weather becomes more frequent in recent years. The pressure mounts for the emission reduction from the steel industry as it is one of the biggest producers of carbon dioxide among 31 manufacturing sectors. Achieving decarbonization, creating responsible and sustainable green steel supply chain and products have become a matter of great importance to the survival of every steel company.

Guided by its philosophy of "helping the world thrive", Cargill is a global leader in sustainability providing food, agriculture, finance and industrial products and service to the world. As part of Cargill, Cargill's metals business (Cargill Metals) has grown over the past 40 years to become a ferrous metals supply chain service provider with a global presence in around 40 countries and regions. How does Cargill Metals understand the challenges and opportunities of steel industry transformation? With more than 25 years of service in the China’s market, how does Cargill Metals help its partners to position their business across markets and policy cycles? Lee Kirk, Managing Director of Cargill Metals, brings his visionary insights into the transformation of the steel industry.